As a Viking i have to make this request

Elk pets like come on thats baddass

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I wanted this to be about beards. Why is this thread not about beards?


Because my friend we already have beards that are like okay if you dont pay too much attention to it hahaha none the less i would like it if thralls had beards

Well, okay. Back to topic: reindeer have been (semi-)domesticated by the Sami people in northern Norway, Sweden and Finland for centuries, so there’s at least some connection to the “Vikings”, even though the Sami cultures are very distinct and different from the Scandinavians who went a-viking back in the day.

Deer animals are notoriously difficult to domesticate otherwise. But considering that we can have pet tigers and komodos that follow commands in the game, an elk wouldn’t be much more unrealistic than that.

But would the attempt to catch one to tame be considered a wild moose chase?