ASCENDANT CLAN: Are Any of You Still Alive?

EDIT ADDON: My Gamertag on Playstation 4 (and name for almost everything now) is Kazmodeus

I’ve never been much of a forum guy so forgive my inability to make nice paragraphs and shiizzz.

This is Ilanian of The Best PvP and PvE Clan to have ever existed. We were so good at the game we were progressing in both PvP and PvE as the best out there!!!

I still have a gaming rig, but I have been getting older, and been enjoying playing PS4 and Exiles was free this month on PS4. I’m looking to reunite with some of my old brothers of blood letting and slaughter. Hollah back on this post, my PS4 tag is now Kazmodeus, add me up even if you don’t have Exiles but have a PS4 at any time, I miss all of you, we had amazing memories together, I’ve gotten old and I even got choked up and teary eyed and have been telling real life friends about our days of relentless ambition and success!!!

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From AoC Wiki:

"The most BEASTLY Age of Conan guild to EVER EXIST. Shout out to Akad, Osh, Shadow, Serekh, Pank, Safe, Wicked, Dodgeball, Krawnik, Allsopp, Louiza, Rizzo (The biggest whiner), The raid leader who took over after Akad left, The girl who liked snakes, That Romanian nurse guy (Forgot his name), Casca (Even though he cheated with that Mexican girl with big boobs), ILANIAN (Yes ILANIAN was cool to me and was my pocket healer in PvP so he’s in this shout out list). And let’s not forget Replay… It wouldn’t be the same without Replay because he was our live test dummy for PvP

Also shout out to the Guild Leader of Prophets Sugarspice, as she took a lot of us in when the guild disbanded. Really chill people. WHERE YOU AT MNTC? Anyway RIP Age of Conan. I had lots of fond memories with you all!

P.S: Furious wouldn’t take me in because of that one Barb that I killed over and over again in PvP, had his feelings hurt, and was an officer lol. But I got in the guild anyway, the loot ■■■■■ that I am with an alt, and I was the first person in NA to get 2 pieces of tier 4 armor back when it was impossible. Yes Furious, someone from Ascendant infiltrated your ranks and got in the progression raid"

I’ll add that I was also one of the top clutch healers in progression raiding, alongside Dodgeball my ToS brother who was arguably a bit better at healing in raids and DPS charts, but I do believe I was probably one of the top 3 PvP healing and killing monsters on the server, and probably the world!

Ah yeah I remember those pve elitists on Set PvE server who thought they were a big deal haha.

In all seriousness, I’ve played a bit with them in Rift and they exploded due to terrible leadership, their guild leader was absent and that one girl officer with the crazy powertrip was nuts.

Never heard of them

I saw Krawnik on his Pom named Krawnik a year or so ago. Not sure he ever joined a guild or if it was even him.

I remember Ascendent from Set US PvE server … your guild was getting interested in leaving AoC to try the soon-to-be released Rift just as I was getting interested in AoC.

MNTC logged in recently so if I see him about I’ll let him know about this post.
Dodgeballs logs in now and again. Not often as he got rather busy in real life.
Sugarspice has moved on from the game as have a lot of the Prophets players from your time.

The good old days. There is still a few of us from Legends of Valhalla and Furious that play. I just came back recently. We are in Rogue Angels now.
You missed out on the sage of zath server. That was a fun time.

Oops, I meant to say that I’m looking for ANYONE cool that has PS Plus (Playstation 4, ITS FREE) to come play Conan Exiles with me on a PvE server and build cool looking castles and shizaaa with me!!! I’m on server# 3880 and have an Ascendant Castle being built as I type this message. I have home for like 7 more people, first come first serve, and then I’ll eventually nicely ask non-Real Life friends or Original Ascendant members to make room for brothers from all over the world (Ascendant peeps)

EDIT ADDON: I feel so guilty about the whole Rift move…I played Rift since Beta and was a large player in pushing Ascendant to move to Rift…where things fell apart, I got kicked, and then went on to create my own clan that grew to be large and we were doing great. That clan was named “Circus of Decay” and I have very fond memories of welcoming all kinds of trolls and “Clowns”. I’ve gone onto being a Standup comedian/clown in real life!!! I performed to a soldout audience of over 200 people in one of the biggest bars in my City on Valentine’s day!!! :smiley:

EDIT ADDON NUMERO DEUCE: My Gamertag on Playstation 4 is Kazmodeus
Feel Free to add me, I’m a lonely Unemployed Chef who’s recovering from heavy duty Alcoholism I developed as an adult instead of being a gaming adict, bahaha.

Reply to SpreadYourJam:

Ascendant was not only the best PvE but also the best PvP Clan in North America and pretty much the world, just saying, the proof was in the pudding! The Thoth Amon raid at that time was so broken and we still progression raided it and eventually beat everything even though Funcom was trying to create a WALL so that no one felt like they had nothing left to do in the game. Anyone that hated Ascendant or felt they were cocky was just simply supbar and angsty because we were the…
ONE Clan To Rule Them ALL!!!


Fortunately I kept contact with few of them who don’t have their head so far up their ■■■ as you do. I’ll let you enjoy thinking you were the best in pvp on a care bear server.

They were also so good at PvE that a guild on a PvP server completed many t3 bosses before them. :wink:

I’m going back into my time machine so bear with me. Back in 2008-9, US raid progression wasn’t very well tracked and the T1/T2 boss progression I’m a bit skeptical on due to exploiting, lack of tracking, etc. Only when T2 Chatha was “fixed” and Wing 3 officially released in Feb 2009 did US raid progression go “legit” in my opinion. So in early 2009, yes Ascendant was the top guild on Set, but Bloodlust was the top raid guild on Wiccana, and Reincarnation the top raid guild on Tyranny (pvp server for you EU people!).

I’m trying to find the really old AoC forums where Chatha/Athyr Bast/Leviathus was tracked for US forums (I was one that took over the progression thread back then long ago!) but if I remember correctly Reincarnation got what I consider the “true” US first on Chatha, but can’t remember who was first on Athyr Bast and Leviathus. I just know those 3 guilds were neck and neck and more or less comparable.

When T3 rolled around in Feb 2010, Ascendant was once again the top raid guild on Set, UBL (United By Legend) had become the top raid guild on Wiccana (Bloodlust had imploded due to guild drama), and Usual Suspects was the top Tyranny raid guild. Once again, lack of visibility to the old US raid progression threads, I’m not sure whether Ascendant or UBL finished T3 first, but I think it was close. By that time Usual Suspects had fallen off the pace, I do remember that.

By the time T4 and T3.5 rolled around in 2011, Ascendant had folded and went to Rift. Furious got the first 2 T4 kills, but over the next few years, the US raiding scene was fairly neck and neck between 3 guilds: Immortal Souls (reformed UBL), Epic Guard, and my own guild Rogue Angels.

Eventually both Immortal Souls and Epic Guard folded sometime in 2013 I think, and that’s when RA became the top US raiding guild from late 2013 until today, even though we quit organized raiding in Nov 2018, since there won’t be a T7, that technically leaves us as the eventual winner due to our T6 kills!

So back to the claim of Ascendant being the best guild ever, I don’t think so. They were good, don’t get me wrong, but there were other US guilds just as good in pve during 2008-10, and I’m pretty sure multiple pvp guilds on Tyrrany and Cimmeria were stronger in pvp.

I remember Ascendant from Set. They did do a lot and were a very very large guild. In PvP they may of been top on Set only due to the fact they would bring huge numbers. Death to all by shear numbers.

Which pvp ? It was a pve server haha

Errr… huge guild? I remember legitimately 1 vs. 3ing people or 2 vs. 5 or 6 enemies. Ascendant was at that time just the most skilled and dedicated gamers on Set for both PvP and PvE, we actually did NOT have a very large clan, just the cream of the crop. Some people sound buthurt…after all these years, I can still drink some tears, muahahaha. :smiley:

I hate drama, that’s why I have nothing to do with children or having any dumb friends…anyways, I’ve built many large bases on Server #3880 on PS4, add my Gamertag: Kazmodeus if you want help starting out, whether you were an old friend or an old foe, I’ve grown old and I’m way nicer and casual than when I was a young cut-throat Elitist.

Legends of Valhalla had US first on Athyr Bast. What a mess that was, I remember a GM was there watching the fight and was quite impressed by us.

Hey Ilanian, I remember you in Ascendant. You were my pocket healer :smiley: Why are you playing on a PS4 now? You gave up PC gaming? Anyway sign up for Discord (On PC or Mobile) and give me your discord handle so I can add you. I think you can send PMs here? Just PM me your Discord handle. I just signed up on F a i lcom’s site here and they won’t let me send PMs because I’m a new member (I think).

Yo yo yo, who was I pocket healer for again? :stuck_out_tongue: I have been playing Ps4 because I’m getting old and controller is more comfortable for my tendons and arthritis and my PC has been getting dated and got a great deal on a used PS4 and have limited funds due to being in a life crisis where I want to change careers and go back to University.

I accepted your Discord invite. Chat there instead of F A I L C O M’ S site. They censored that word btw LUL