Asia #1345 Performance Problems

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PvP
Region: Asia

Currently, this server is down again, but since I can’t play I’ll finally take the time to report the massive performance issues from the past month.

  1. Before the last time the server went down (from August 3 until mid-September) ping was consistently 15-30. Postfix ping has never been under 150. It actually performs better if I connect to a VPN through another country.
  2. The game randomly decides not to register different building piece types. I’ve got screenshots to show you what I mean.

This is me standing on my wall. Notice my character has discovered the magical ability to become incorporeal and enter the foundations.

This is me standing on my black ice second floor, trying to place a chest in which to keep my precious few valuables safe. The current square is registering correctly.

This is me trying to place the same chest on the next square. However, the game does not realize that this is a black ice ceiling, so the chest is not placeable and disappears through the floor. However, if I walk over it I will float, so the game knows something is there.

This is me walking from the Aquilonian room into my main black ice room. Notice I am walking correctly on top of the floor, as one does.

This is me after passing through the door, now floating on the black ice foundations, unable to run, roll, move correctly, etc. As one does not.

This is me standing on my black ice 2nd floor. Notice that I am standing on top of the floor, as is normal for people and floors.

This is me walking down the stairs right next to where I was just standing. Notice how I am floating down the stairs, as is normal for ghosts and floors that don’t exist.

This is me logging in to play the game. When this happens, any chests on that build type cannot be accessed. For example, if I face the wall and try to open my carpenter chest, I cannot because the game does not realize it is there. But if I press E, the game will open the Tannery chest on the other side of the wall. Because that chest is sitting on a different build type and therefore registers.

Finally, this is me relogging. Notice that my doors are not there, no thralls show up, and if you look closely you’ll see that I’m in 3rd person but my character isn’t showing up. He is also inside the floor. Thinking this would surely correct itself shortly as things rendered in, I waited. After 35 minutes, I decided to go play a different game.

A few notes: this started happening immediately after the server was ‘fixed’ in September (speaking of, I waited for 40+ days and never got a heads up that it was fixed or anything, that would have been nice). For the first week, I was one of only 3 players that logged on. There were no large bases, no spam, etc.
I had roughly 25 thralls and pets in a house roughly 30x30x15. So not an inordinate amount of rendering needed.

These problems are incredibly frustrating, but more than that when the game doesn’t register these pieces, I cannot repair them, place thralls on them, or replace destroyed pieces. So last week when I was attacked not only did I and my relic hunters float around like idiots trying to fight, I couldn’t repair anything or fix the hole the attackers made. So I lost everything.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log into #1345
  2. Realize it is once again down and you cannot replicate any of these issues
  3. Keep trying to log in, I guess?

Hey @Maedhros

We’ve poked G-Portal to give the server a restart. Please let us know if the issue persists after that.

I updated the other thread about 1345, it is back up and can be accessed again. However, the performance issues remain unchanged. When I tried tonight the ping was 250, while other Asian servers are at the normal 15-50.

Rendering issues remain, and block/building piece registering is still unstable. Tonight it included terrain pieces, I would try to climb and just stutter or fall at random places.

I doubt it is related, probably more the thrall AI issues, but my relic hunter can’t be bothered to fight until at least 1-2 minutes into a fight. Enemy thralls will usually stand there trying to decide between fight or flight. I can’t confirm this is related to the server performance issues since I haven’t tested on other servers.

Not sure if this is related, but when I connect through normal means (I live in China) I notice the load screen is 3-5 minutes, and the overall performance is laggy and stutters. If I connect to a VPN in US-LA or AU, the ping jumps to 4-500 (which I expect) but the load screen is about 30 seconds, and the overall experience is smooth (although still the build piece issues).

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Performance issues still present, and the ping still jumps around randomly. Tonight it was skipping between 220 and 350. Same build piece issues, NPC interactions are delayed or just don’t show on screen at all, and the climbing stuttering is worse.

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Thanks for the update and apologies for the frustration.
Our team will try to look into these performance issues.

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