Aspect of the Demon

What have you done? When ever there’s something that clearly stands out you just have to nerf it to trash. Happened with fighter thralls as well as many other things. Since even a naked player can kill the best thralls just like that, i thought i’d equip them with the toughest armor i can make so they could take more hits and MAYBE survive an attack. But NOOOOOO, the helmet is now under 100. Great job making the game flat and taking away all unique stuff. You do realise that you are making it harder and harder to defend against attacks? The only way is to build and then you get banned for “too much building”. The game has gone down the toilet, it’s all about making raiding and attacking as easy as can be and taking everything away from defending. One good example is the explosive jar placing, it was great the way it was when you had to get it to an even surface. Now you can just snap it to anywhere, nonsense.

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