Assassin's Creed Odyssey launches tomorrow. Missed opportunities

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey launches tomorrow it might be a good idea to capitalize on the marketing because your guyses games share a certain genre. you should put your “Aquilonian” Conan Exiles - Jewel of the West Pack DLC on sale for 20% off.

Kassandra is nowhere near as hot as the Conan girls :stuck_out_tongue:

But more to the point, CE is a survival game. AC: Oddysey, not so much.
If AC: oddysey had base building, it’d truly be a superior game.

But when I compare the game play… both are quite similar, but they complement eachother:

Where in Oddysey yo ugot a mount, a bird, a ship, in CE you got crafting and building.

In CE, you can affect your environment directly, by building. In AC… not so much.

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I imagine the day Assassins creed get an online version, one can dream.

I agree, ever since playing AC origins with their working camels and better sandstorms, that bird, better climbing system [I mean we climb straight up sheer surfaces], more interesting locations, lots of moving npcs that fiddle with cutting wood or growing things, tons to fight, collect items, chariots, weapons that you can level with you, random loot, some crafting, a better combat system, Boats that are sweeet, torches you can drop, I wished conan exiles would have stole a lot of these ideas.

AC origin and odyssey makes this all seem effortless, the only thing missing is base building and multiplayer. Bigger team at AC I know.

Yeah, the budgets on AC titles and CE aren’t really comparable, not even close. Not that it should be used as an excuse - they’re all competing for my money and (more importantly these days) my time, and it doesn’t matter all that much to me what kind of budget they had.

But the base building is alpha and omega here, without that they’re not comparable games to begin with :slight_smile:


Yes they are two different games with portions of game play that are comparable. To say they are not comparable without base building? No, I think they are comparable and have already listed some of the ways that they are above. When I started playing AC: Origins and I got to call the camel and ride it with an NPC buddy I thought immediately of Conan Exiles and how they should have had this somewhere in the game at launch! (a system Funcom said there would be in EA)

The combat outside of the Assassin gimmicks are more solid to me and engaging. Although, in Exiles there should be some way to sneak up on someone and kill them, we are barbarians! They both use hit boxes to damage things in combat which is very comparable but AC: origins does it better imo. The dodge, sunder, shields, etc. work better in AC. Both games have great weapons, but the way you use the weapons in AC are more rewarding and epic feeling. So exiles feels like your swinging a weapon, but AC feels like your watching the weapon go to work. Finishing moves are fantastic in AC, whereas in exiles after the first few times you decapitate or cut a thrall in half it becomes the same old thing. I won’t even go into bows because they are not comparable at all, AC wins. They keep working on combat on exiles and might get it right, but I have accepted it for what it is.

AC has epic bosses which function better than the world bosses in exiles. Yes, they have more hit points but the combat becomes top notch and varied. There is a reason they are the Boss. In exiles the world boss is just a bigger croc or scorpion with a damage sponge and a ton of Hp with some animations added.

They both have deserts and other similar areas. They both have sandstorms, but I like the AC one as it’s more realistic, in exiles they are an aggravation.

When I saw the first village area where the villagers were working, I saw a community of Exile thralls that should have been in the game at launch that worked for you while you adventure or are offline (a system Funcom said there would be in EA).

CE is a survival game. AC: Odyssey is a sandbox open world. Imagine if either became like each other. No matter your size [team, budget, game world], it’s what you do with your game that counts. Especially at launch. If a lot of your systems don’t work most people won’t wait until you fix them a year later…

I get that we all love the building system as do I, but this game has the potential to be so much more. We need a little Barbarian’s Creed in our exiles. I don’t want them to be the same games either! Anyway, this is a discussion and these are my 2 cents…

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