Asura's Glory on new map

Anyone had found Asura’s Glory on new map?

Eastside almost everywhere. Explore the big valley.
Sorry, I am an idiot, it is West!

E-12 But it’s prolly all over the map.

The real question is have you found grey-lupine (asking for my horsie).

afaik north from layshrine of the daemon towards vault entrance with batty-flappy thingys, be wary of big rocky in vicinity

there’s a whole lot in the area around Tears of Asura and Asura’s Basin on the eastern side of the map, a bit north of the haunted wreck.

Well what about shadebloom, I remember it was obtainable from dungeon?

@drachenfeles but was it grey-lupine or false mandrake, they look very similar. In any case, thanks. I will go check.

I ignore them so… this may be the case

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