At night time we should have monsters or enemies that come out to patrol the nights and hunt you

just like in minecraft when it’s nightime those zombies come out


I would like to see some random spawns of enemies. Specially at night it would be very cool

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What would be cool is if sandstorms had those hounds from hell in them like in the intro to the game. I’d like to see that.

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The Sandbeasts are in the game, just not in the sandstorm. They roam the sandswept ruins in K4, and have a gland needed to make the venom infused weapons.


Oh yes, I remember them…been awhile since I been there, lol. Still, it would be cool if they were roaming around the sandstorm once and awhile.

Yes that would be fun.

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We kinda have that in Siptah… It’s a cool feature. Maelstrom happens, everything get’s dark, monsters spawn in a flash of lightning near you (Terminator 2 style), chase you down and try and kill you. :slight_smile:

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Should be fairly straight forward. They’re using the right tools for it anyway…

Oh is there, cool. I have never used a mod on the game. I might have to check that one out though, lol.

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