More spawns at night

Have more spawns at night. Creepy scary ones. Wandering around after sunset should be feared


I like this idea in general, but would not want to be so overrun at night that it makes private server and co-op admins lower the length of nights even further.


I’d say a few additional things such as the following would be most welcome:

Nocturnal creatures such as canine and feline types, spiders and such wandering a bit further out of their normal areas seeking prey.

Hidden, glowing red-eyed rocknose more abundantly available for jump scares.

Human hunter, thief and slaver types skulking around the outskirts of settlements with torches.

Skeletons, demon bats and bird creatures milling around ruins.

South of the central river valley of the desert, perhaps the occasional lone undead hyena and Darfari, tier one taskmasters and an increase in imps, perhaps even roving bands of three or four led by their larger, brutish cousins muttering unintelligible commands and wielding large meat cleavers and torches.

The sounds of skittering spiders, their mandibles chittering; skeletons accompanied by a dirge of dry bones clacking, jaws gnashing and the ruins themselves emitting ghostly whispers; hyena chattering their inquisitive giggles; wolves howling, snorting and slavering; large hunting cats, with low, deep purring growls; and the deep, demonic and insane ramblings of imps would be eerie enough alone to fray the nerves and get the heart pounding in the bravest of exiles.

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Maybe something more intangible to make us fear the dark? I always liked the scene in the first movie where the swarm of dark spirits come and try to drag away Conan’s soul. Perhaps such spirits might haunt the night in the Exiled Lands. An encounter with a pack of these wailing nightmares would leave a character spiritually drained. (Large Corruption gain). There are rumors though of charms, talismans and fetishes that can be used to protect one’s stronghold from the night demons.


Got my vote. I love that scene as well.