Creatures of the night

It’s bound to have been suggested, but I can’t find it. I’d suggest a variety of creatures that spawn only at night. Some would be vicious, and some delicious! Traveling at night is dangerous and thrilling. Having an occasional dangerous creature during daylight is expected, but at night, the freaks should come out. I’d be thrilled to see a wolf pack at night with glowing red eyes, howling everywhere and chasing other creatures down. At dawn these creatures would go back to a de-spawn site. It could be den sites for wolves, ice water for wites, the sand for more deadly scorpions, the sky for gargoyles, etc. Also, I wouldn’t mind ferell vampires returning to grave sites. Oh yeah, add grave sites throughout the world.


This would make nights creepier indeed, and fits very well in the game, /signed.

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Of all the ‘idea fairy’ suggestions, this one actually is a welcomed one.


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