At what Point is it Harassment?

At what point is the same 10+ players, all affiliated at this point due to a shared grudge against us, always coming back to server and pushing us into hiding/wiping us constantly harassment? Their ‘leader’ has even now threatened to follow us to Siptah.

Since you tagged this as PS4, you can block and report on PSN. Any text or audio harrassment will be sent to Sony automatically. They will review and take action, please be aware that if you participated in retaliation, action will also be taken against you.

For anything Conan specific, read the below link and if anything actually matches AND can provide irrefutable veridic proof and evidence then proceed with the report.


based on what you have typed, I would say that does not constitute harassment, just some people with a grudge against you, and using the game mechanics to act out said grudge.

of course there may be more information available, but from what I see, not harassment in my opinion.

We have them all blocked but it doesn’t stop them from coming back, tormenting the server, then leaving. They’ll message anyone they can to be toxic and look for any excuse to wipe the server. For all intents and purposes they’re playing it as close to the harassment line as they can so they can’t be reported, trying to look like the good guys wiping a toxic server. I get it’s just how the game goes but it’s really becoming unfun when these guys show up every month.

From before I blocked their leader. Seems like harassment to me. They just keep checking to see if we’re playing again, come in, wipe us, leave. Then tell anyone who doesn’t know the situation we’re toxic for attacking them when they show up because we know what they’re doing.

Frankly, you do not need to prove this to me.
You need to provide sufficient evidence when submitting a ticket via Zendesk, as the Terms of Conduct, guidelines and procedures indicate.


If what they are doing is not reportable under the guidelines and you still feel that it is harrassment, there are three unpopular options (actually four but, the last one is just too ridiculous to mention) to reduce the issue.

Listed below are the options in order of low, medium, and high probability of success.

  1. Quietly move to another official server
  2. Pay for your own private server
  3. Play offline

The goal with my suggestion is provide you some information that could help in maximizing the enjoyment of the game, and not to invalidate your issue.

I hope this helps and you find a resolution that works for you.


Sorry this going on with you. I used to be one of these type of players (toxic, Server wipers and all around jack***). I know the servers are “down in the dumps” right now but, there are still “fair” players/clans, even in pvp.

Sorry, but from what youve said so far, and that screenshot youve posted, Id have to say no to the harassment.

Toxic, maybe…but maybe they enjoy fighting against you because youre fun to fight, maybe you have good resources they like to raid, who knows. But if they want to fight with you, in a PVP game, then quit and come back some time later and do it again, you may be missing the point of PVP. People can do that. Now, if they are cussing and swearing or being racist etc, thats a different story (which before someone jumps in with an ‘ahaaa’ at me, I still think people can do it. Block them if its the case). If you can screen shot racist, homophobic or whatever in chat, that can result in a ban.

That being said, if this clan has fought you, left, came back after some time and done it again, I truly dont think a ban will stop them. If anything, it will make them more aggressive. Know why? Because they know its getting to you to the point that you reported them. They wont stop.

What I would do, is let them have their fun. Outlast them, dont feed the trolls, and play your game. They will get tired of not getting a reaction out of you eventually. If all they are doing is just fighting and raiding you, but not the racist crap in chat…dude, thats the game.

If that screenshot is as bad as it’s got than I’d just chill about it. That screenshot seems relatively civil to me. It’s hard to find ppl that will actively engage in pvp so maybe they are just truely enjoying the fact that your willing to keep fighting them instead of just running away or server jumping straight off the bat. I’ve encountered much, much more toxic crap than what you’re describing.


Just play on alternate accounts people on Xbox do it all the time but not me i just get even bombs away :star_struck:

The conversation in the screenshot doesn’t strike me as harrassment, nor bannable. If the clan is causing you that much frustration, ignore their texts, block them and if they resort to messaging you on an alternate account, that qualifies as harassment and you can report them to Sony’s enforcement team. To be honest, as long as you can resist the urge to reply to their texts, they’ll most likely grow bored and leave. They probably enjoy attacking your clan because your clan fights back…and that’s to be expected on a pvp server.

Hmm. I guess “You’re not welcome here” isn’t a nice thing to say to someone in an online game - but it could simply be (un)friendly banter between PvPers, or role-playing. Text does not convey emotion easily, so it’s hard to say how serious the person was.

Now, following a victim from one server to another and bullying them in-game is immature at best, and could constitute as harassment, but again, we don’t know what’s really going on here. In a PvP environment it’s easy to take the conflict personally, especially if you’re on the losing side. I don’t mean to imply the OP is exaggerating or misleading. I’m just saying that we don’t have enough information here to make an objective situation assessment regarding the question in the thread title.


Honestly if someone said that to me, it would make me want to stay.

Just to annoy them more really.

Something I’ve wondered: why do we want to annoy our fellow players? Isn’t the whole point of playing games that everyone participating should have fun? Even when engaging in PvP activities, the idea should be creating an event where the struggle, the conflict, is entertaining and exciting for all parties involved.


Re-read Skunk Hour by Robert Lowell. Occasionally, inhabitants shake a fist at a sightless sky… only in Conan are answered by some baited chump in chat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Unfortunately for the human race, there are people out there whose entire idea of fun involves messing with other people and, at worst, ruining their fun.

I very much enjoy my almost-exclusively solo gaming experience :yum:

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Not to be cryptic in my previous post, but I wanted to inform myself of the situation before making a partial reply. Personal anecdote, on our last PC server we had some refugees who were being persecuted by a clan. These people finally befriended me enough to tell me the clan name, and my servermates presented a rather unified repellant toward the incoming invaders.

If you’re being pursued across multiple servers and you’ve asked them to stop following you, at one point it should be considered harassment. It was no fun for my (new) friends, and it’s no good for servers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help on your server if you’re seeing incoming threats. Some of us will come to your aid, even in PvP.


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