Attach chest, boxes and crates to walls

Please update chests and boxes to be attached to walls like signs and shelves are now. The benefits are that you save a lot of space, not having to put all your chests on the floor or make unique rooms to hold the building materials you are making for your next build. Additionally, I hope the stability issues would then be taken care of since I have never seen a sign fall off a wall.

I have placed chests on shelves; however, stability on a shelf has been unreliable for a long while. I still like putting chests on shelves for things I don’t care if I lose. However, every once in a while, a chest falls off a shelf that I wish I hadn’t lost.: ‘Yes, I really wanted to keep all those Breathing Potions’. Ideally, the shelves should be attachable to the walls, just like signs.


I would not mind seeing a new type of chest/box specifically for attaching to the walls added to a DLC or update. :slight_smile:

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Just do what i do and use iron bowls on top of each chest so you can stack another on top, looks great to

(Don’t ask about the floor :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol)


Now that I haven’t seen before, I’ll have to give it a try.

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That’s epic never thought of that lol :slight_smile:

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I’ve never had a shelf lose stability in SP or back when I played on servers. Is that a new thing?

@HrothgarFrosthound never seen that trick before. That’s awesome! So awesome I’ll refrain from commenting on that floor. lol

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Stability loss has been happening for 18 months at least. For example, I posted this over a year ago:

I have noticed that stability is lost more often, right after a patch, but not exclusively. Based on my event logs, it happens when no one is even in the building often.

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Awesome :+1:t6:, that is something new, awesome, Bravo. I know that the stability of every chest is based on the lower, so this in not good for pvp, but for pve is outstanding, especially for the alchemist bench that the variety of the materials is so big. Yet I will ask for the floor, you put bowl again or something else because you have no attach on the ground :man_shrugging:.
@Lahaina, if you want to learn the trick how to attach chests on the wall I can send you pictures. @CodeMage learned me how to do it some months ago.

I use the cupboards 2 chest close to each other then a cupboard in the middel over the 2 chest then you can put 2 chest over it and so on so high your walls are


What do you mean? Without shelves? I have already put them on walls with shelves. However, that has been both good and bad. It saves a lot of space; however, every so often, one will fall off a shelf, which is the point of this post, to have an alternate method.

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I’m not sure I understood you, could you share a screenshot?

Doing upgrades to my base this morning, I realized one of the differences with shelves compared to the floor is that shelves don’t have stability. I’m wondering if that is the real reason why items randomly lose stability when placed on them?

No unfortunately not. I put only 3 in a row, not more and I am lucky not to experience so far what you just said. It is more than 5 months that I use the selve method and I haven’t experience this situation. I remember @Larathiel warn me not to put these shelves in walls that may have bad stability or walls that may be hitted by purge. So I place them only in walls that have at least 80 stability and never more than 3. I wish your suggestion to be heard and we will eventually have even wooden racks that you can place chests in :wink:.

Wall stability doesn’t appear to have anything to do with it, it is clearly a bug related to shelves and things put on them. All my walls that have shelves are 100%, however, months or even a year can go by and then suddenly five chests fall off their shelves.

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I am really sorry to hear that. I hope we had a more safe way to stack our chests


Here is another example, in this one, the shelves didn’t lose stability, but the chests did.

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Oh you put 2? I only put one in each shelve and only 3 total in high. Maybe this is the reason after all that you lost stability. In any case I think that this is an unexpected behavior of the game, devs didn’t want us to have chests in shelves, so we cannot acuse them for loosing stability :man_shrugging:. Let’s wish your suggestion will be another dream come true :wink:


I have put one per shelf as well, doesn’t matter, they still fall off.

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This is what i use for my chest never was have problems by losing chest i normaly have 3 chest high but ive you put the second or third chest to close to each other they can lose stability . Ive you to close they flickerinh a littel bit

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