Attacking tribe(NPC) goes below map(in textures during purge)



We have encouterd a bug during purge, enemies spawned under map, in the duration of 30 minutes maybe 6-8 came into surface max 1 at a time.
As checked via steam and redit this looks to be kinda known problem.

If there any work going to fix it?

That problem, sadly, is somewhat common. I don’t know of a fix, but there’s a limited workaround:

Build your base as near to the ground level as possible. The lesser complex the ground is, the less enemies seem to spawn below it. Some mountains consist of many layers of ground/objects stacked upon another, and the program seems to have problems recognizing what’s the top layer.


Yeah, it’s very common!

In my experience (and I’m a veteran CG artist if that means anything - prolly not), it occurs mostly where there is a transition in the terrain. So for example in the Jungle on EL - where the grassy areas butt up against the steep cliffs there are hundreds of areas where the “player clip” is under the surface polygons and characters sink. Or another famous place would be where the Red Mother is on Siptah… it’s just sand there with no complexity (layers) but it butts up against some rock outcroppings and cliff. Probably everyone who has fought her on her spawn location has sunk under at some point in the battle. Notice also that in both these areas there is also a water layer nearby. It seems that when there are a few terrain types in the same area or touching each other, we get this problem with the player clip not lining up with the ground or cliff walls - and or multiple player clips at different levels we can “fall through” to.

Just a guess…

Our base is at D9, so if we would move our base to a more even place such bug should not occur right?

You’re asking me?

It would likely occur a lot less. Some sinking also depends on the construction set you used to build your base with. I notice for example that with the Flotsam set it’s very common for your thralls to sink waste deep in some parts of the base (and yet not in other parts of the same base). Again though these “parts” seem to be near to a transitional or intersecting area - like near to where the top surface of the foundation blocks meet the ground level. As another hint I don’t think I have ever seen it happen on the second floor of a base - nor anywhere inside a base built on columns (pilars).

If you’re specifically talking about during a purge though that’s a little different than just free-standing with little or no action. During a purge everything can go a little wonky. For example here’s a recent purge I had Typical Purge - YouTube and from 5:50 to 6:00 you can see one of my thralls flying slowly through the air. LOL

As an example of what I’m talking about with the intersecting surface planes look at 6:04 of the same video and you can see where foundations meet grass and near a cliff-face I’m using as a back wall - there is thrall placed near there and he’s sunk waste deep 60 or 70% of the time - purge or no. In fact it looks as if he’s sunk in this still shot of it even. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, yeah, moving locations could very well help. Also I think using pillars is better too. This is my base on another server and no one ever sinks there (that I can remember): New Base Finished - YouTube

I had another base on stilts in EL and no one ever sank on that one either. I’ll upload a video of that one a little later too for some ideas.

As you pointed it might be due to crossings or hills.
As on previous bases we had were stationed on even ground and worst thing which happened was few enemies went into contruction tiles :smiley:

I think we will try to move to flat ground :smiley: Thanks for replies

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Here’s some still shots of the video I just took while it’s uploading to YouTube - about the base on pillars…

This style is great for areas where the purges are difficult and you want to acquire purge thralls too BTW.

So then you have this they never got stuck?

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Yup… been there for about 4 months and never a sunken thrall or purge attacker. 5 purges completed.

I’ll add it to the meeting topic, it does not looks good but :confused:
another way out untill funcom support would respond and fix this issue.
And sadly I cannot yet upload photos yet.

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Here’s the video… YouTube just finished processing the 1080p with the 1440p coming in a few hours:

With something like this I suppose you could build fences up to or wall down from the floor level to the dirt base - like an empty basement - maybe keep the horses in it or something. It loses the the thrall hunting advantages during purges though…

NPC’s ofc it’s pve :smiley:

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