Au/Nz PvP Aoc/Skelos server [40 slots] - Zynarus Rising


New server. Au/Nz (Oceania) (
24x7 PvP
No gods
x5 XP, x10 Harvest
fast crafting/conversion
no building decay/durability loss

The full mod list is:
Age of Calamitous
Savage Steel
Improved QoL
Skelos (Warrior Mutator)
Better Thralls

Plenty of admin structures including PvP free tavern and end-game citadels with great loot and PvP arena. Weekly events.

Friendly, active admin. Everyone welcome!

We’ve got heaps of space left on this fresh server. The admin have created a huge amount of endgame PvP and PvE content for players. Have a look at the following!

Capture the flag event:

A raging battle between two NPC forces at the pyramid:

A tavern with plenty of people to talk to:

A PvP arena:

A monastery to attack:

An Elven treehouse:

Plenty of room left on this server for new players.


There is still plenty of space for new players on the server.

Hi, which gaming platform is this server for, can I play on any platform or are the servers locked to PC/Xbox/PS4?

Are there more players on PC than XBox in Oceania?

Hi @MeltdownNZ. It’s a PC server meaning that you cannot connect from xbox/PS4. I get the impression that PC has more players than the other platforms.

Thanks for the info, how many players are on your server on average in the evening AU/NZ time?
And what does your server use for comms?

I’m willing to get the game now while its on sale on PC too if I can find a server with a decent amount of active players.

I’ve got almost 2000 hours in Conan so I recommend the game no matter which server you end up on.

We had a wipe of the server on 4/5 and numbers have picked up quickly. We often have 20 people on during the evening Sydney time.

Ok I just bought the PC version. I played about 40 hours on XBox, but it sucks playing alone and with no comms. I’ll look for your server and login :stuck_out_tongue:

Your server comes up as PVE but in the name you call it PVP??

It’s definitely PvP. Since the most recent funcom patch the game mode appears to display incorrectly for some people.