"Aurum can only be purchased once every 30 seconds. Please try again soon."

When logging a character into the game I receive the above message, from time to time.
Having not engaged in any aurum purchasing I was initially concerned about the possibility of account tampering. Which for a new player can be alarming.

This has happened often now and I can see no obvious increase or decrease account aurum. So potentially bug.
I am still curious as to why this message appears, and wanted to see if it was common to others - particularly as there doesn’t seem to be any posts / threads regarding it.

And also to propose it be removed because nobody, especially new players, want mysterious forces messing with their money.

I get this message on one of my alt accounts on one character, pretty much 100% of the time (meaning : 20+ days in a row during the anniversary). I never saw it on my main account on any character.

I don’t recall buying any aurum on the alt account, so maybe it’s an infomercial.
“only 30s” = info

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I like your suggestion that it could be an infomercial, or at least be turned into one, but the current wording implies that your account has already made an aurum purchase within the previous 30 seconds i.e. prior to logging in.

Leading to a wonderment as to exactly how many aurum purchases are being made whilst the player is offline inorder to elicit a 30 seceonds restriction disclaimer.

I have this message often too. I came here to check if anyone had made a post about it and see they have. I have no aurum in my account, but the message still persists when logging characters.

I’ve get this occasionally on login as well. All characters. I’ve even gotten it once when I reloaded my UI.