Authentication problems and decay timers

And if you manage to log in and reset your decay timers before they expire… doubling decay timers only works if you get in game and refresh them… if you are currently in a situation where your structures are on 15hrs decay the doubling of max decay timer does nothing for you until you log in and visit everyone of your structures to trigger a decay timer reset.

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The reality is doubling decay timers is a face saving gesture so they can say they did their best. But by virtue of the way decay timers work, 3 days after this problem started occurring over a weekend all those who needed to log on this weekend to refresh their timer and could not will have lost their stuff… those that managed to log on already refreshed their timer so actually don’t care so much about doubling decay timers… This is a useless face saving move

This should have been the first thing done when the problem arose.

It also doesn’t solve the problem for anyone who decayed in the 3 or so days we were un able to log in.
I was fortunate enough to be able to get in and refresh. But i guarantee many were not.

I think all servers should be rolled back to last Thursday.
Yes this will upset some people who have made a lot of progress in the last few days, but there will be people who have played for years that have lost everything.

I think the very least funcom can do for their loyal customers is to roll back before this all went down.
You’re in the live services game now so you probly should also compensate everyone who has been put out by this inability to play/resetting of progress like most other live service companies do. Maybe give all players a chest full of hard bricks or 5000 crom bucks?
I don’t know what but something should be done


I hate to sound ungrateful here, but I’m pretty sure that this only raises the maximum decay cap, which will do absolutely nothing for anyone who can’t log in. The individual building timers require the players’ presence to refresh to their maximum value, and if that value exceeds the maximum decay configured for the server, then it gets capped to that maximum value. The upshot of this is that you can your timer reset to those 14 days only if you’re actually logged in and near your building, which is what people are prevented from doing by the authentication problems.

If I’ve misunderstood the mechanics of decay, please let me know.

EDIT: Well, it looks like it’s a bit of a moot point now, since the authentication problem seems to be solved.

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Asking way too much from this company.

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Also they are “working” on extending the timers. They haven’t actually done it yet.

They have. I’ve refreshed all my buildings on the official server where I play, and my main base decays in 14 days now.

As of this post all american IOS PVE servers are good- no authentication errors.

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Eight American PVE EL servers logged in- no authentication errors.

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Now back to your normal regular programming of bugs and issues with CE- :grin:

It’s incredible that now that the weekend is over, the issue was magically resolved! What a coincidence!

@Dana - The lack of transparency and time taken to address things here has successfully persuaded me against purchasing any further content from FUNCOM. I’m sure I’m not alone.


Just do a perm 10 day decay timer at this point.


Things seem to be back to normal with me being able to log in.

It didn’t happen as fast as I would have liked, but I do thank you for fixing whatever the issue was.

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Seems like the 9999 Ping Issue goes and in hand with the Authentication stuff.

Edit: No idea why my post was flagged.

Envie um ticket

Extending the decay timer doesn’t help unless the player has logged in recently to reset and get the new decay timer. You have to disable it, or anyone who hasn’t logged in will still decay.

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I am a fairly new player. I was out for 4 days and every single thing I have built is gone. Event logs say all became unstable and decayed. What kind of ever-loving, mayonnaise licking, cat- scratching Taurus feces is that? I can’t log off a game for a long weekend when I am travelling for work, or I lose everything I own? This is such a great game, but that timer garbage is for the birds. I have never even heard of timers until this happened, or I never would have invested the kind of time I have so far to get to level 40 ish so quick. April Fools is a month away, so it can’t be that. Maybe you all should pool your allowances and think about going out and purchasing a few servers if you need space that badly. I will personally loan you some, if you pull your collective craniums out of your collective posterior sphincters and get rid of this nonsense. Not everyone can log in non stop to play (I dream of the day).

  • Sincerely, “slightly annoyed”

Do you know how the decay timer works? I’m asking, because the game doesn’t teach you about it at all, and it’s actually more complicated than people assume. I wrote a fairly long and boring explanation, so feel free to read it if you want.

Yeah, that sounds like decay, but what’s weird is that you say you lost everything after only 4 days. Were you logged out inside your base? Or were you logged out somewhere in the open world, away from home?

The map is finite. It’s not a procedurally generated infinite world like Minecraft. Imagine what would happen if there was no decay timer: for every player who quit playing on a non-PVP server without cleaning up their stuff (which no one does, let’s face it) you would get a bunch of permanently indestructible buildings, forever. Sooner or later, you run out of space to build.

Unless you’re playing in single-player or on an actively moderated private server, decay timer is necessary.

If you have only one base, a few minutes a week should suffice. Unfortunately, “shit happens”, so I try to log in at least twice a week to at least refresh my stuff.

If they made the decay timer longer, then people could get away with refreshing only once a week.

Esse é um ponto que não pode ser abusado pois fazer construção ilimitada ou gigantes em servidores oficiais leva qualquer jogador a levar BAN.

Recomendo quem não souber que veja as regras sobre esse assunto no link @Funcom_Community

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