AUTOFIRE one click for BOWS

So ive been playing conan exiles for a while now and i did 3 builds now. The last one was a pure BOW AND ARROW build…im level 77 (with age of calamitus mod) and i gave myself a couple thousand STAR METAL ARROWS. After a while of fighting enemies i looked into my inventory and found that i have shot 1200 arrow===thats 1200 click THATS NOT HEALTHY. EACH one CLICK is one ARROW SHOT.Is there any way to make a one click autofire for bow and arrow, like one click to fire one arrow after one over and over again untill im not clicking anymore?

Outside of a mod I don’t think so. But then it’s also a bow not a machine gun. Power Shots will do more damage and provide a higher value per arrows so you aren’t spamming 1 enemy with 50 arrows to drop him.

Star Metal arrows aren’t really worth the effort. Get Snake Arrows, Poison Arrows, and Healing Arrows. Use 3 bows on your hot bar to rapidly swap arrow types and bring a Fighter Thrall with a Sandstorm Mask and Heavy Armor. Just fire 1 snake arrow every 5 or 6 seconds and Drop a poison arrow on a monster and a healing arrow whenever your thrall is hurt (the healing buff seems to stack on thralls) and it’s EZ mode for everything in the game besides Vanghouls and Akuma (Age of Calamitous)

oh no no i dont want it to fire fast, i hate the fact that i have to click for every arrow being shot.ive played many games where i just click once and the character would constantly shoot untill i unclick

This isn’t an arcade game.
This isn’t Guild Wars.

and ur reply is not helpful good sir

im gona try the snake arrow combo with the thrall even though im gona battle in the dead city

None of the combat or gathering in this game is auto-hit … at least it’s not meant to be.
But I wonder if it could be set up as a macro that would activate the left-mouse click for you on repeat until you interrupted it … this would probably achieve your goal.
But I’m guessing you place yourself somewhere that the enemy can not reach you when you spam your left click attack? As I found I couldn’t get off more than a couple of shots when I was on the ground where the enemy could path to me before I had to sprint out of range.
Also if the enemy is vulnerable to poison, then using snake arrows to get then to a stack of 10x poison does seem to still be an effective way to take them down with arrows. But not all are vulnerable to poison (eg new large snakes in jungle).

i hate doing the LONGRANGE thing where the npc doesnt react…i dont play like that. ALSO gathering is auto hit, equip an axe and try it

I didn’t mean that they don’t react to you … I meant climb to a place where they can’t damage you but still try to.
Re: auto-hit for gathering … Other than by a glitch that funcom fixed I don’t know how to make gathering be auto-hit. So finding out how to do that would be helpful.

gathering was always autohit…even the basic gathering of fiber…just keep pressing E. That is the reason I asked my question, when using a TOOL u can autohit but with weapons u cant…

I guess we are talking at cross-purposes.
Pulling out a tool and pressing E to make a gathering action and having to press E each time to make a gathering action is not what I meant by “auto-hit”. This still requires the player to make an entry for every action the character does. So no different than having to press left mouse key to shoot an arrow or do a light melee hit every time.

What I meant by auto-hit for either combat or gathering is:
A) player draws tool / weapon
B) player presses a key or key combination and the character goes into x action and continues that action until another command interrupts it

The only time I was able to do this in Conan Exiles with a gathering tool was when there was a glitch in the code (now fixed)

You could probably do so with AutoHotKey or another automating software. Whether that’s “against the rules” is open to interpretation I suppose, so definitely use at your own risk.

But since you mention “giving yourself 1200 arrows” I’m assuming you’re an admin and/or singleplayer, and modded in any case, so I don’t see how you could get into trouble.

If you have a Logitech G-series keyboard or mouse (depending on model) you can also do something with those and the macro-system.

t4 carpenter with tons of star metal, feathers and sticks…reaching 1000 arrows is nolonger a challenge…im not an admin in anyway

Fair enough. It was an assumption based on “gave myself”, a wrong assumption as it turns out. Then my previous warning applies: better check with your admin (if one exists) before doing so. If you’re playing on official servers, automating things is at your own risk.

Sounds like a job for AutoHotKey or a macro using your mouse drivers. A simple macro that presses Mouse 1, sleeps for 1000 milliseconds, then presses Mouse 1 again as long as Mouse 1 is held down should do the trick.

Since I suffer from repetitive strain injuries, and my suggestion requests to help RSI-sufferers have gone unanswered, I rely on AHK to reduce repetitive tasks like this. A couple prime examples are a keyboard macro that holds-down Mouse 1 for me for farming materials, and an AHK script to execute the Dismantle with a single button-press (handy for cleaning-up after yourself).


No need for this. Get yourself some Serpent man arrows. Poison Gas Arrows and some snake. Rotate and watch your enemoes crumble to your pointy doom.

You also waste less arrows if you don’t miss.

1000 arrows?
That is insane.
I keep 100 on hand at most because they tend to get heavy.
Nominally, 40 arrows and I try to be perfect with my shots when I’m in ranged combat.
Then I’ll switch to the mace and shield for up close and personal, in your face combat.

One of the latest patches made the bow a deadly weapon worth using effectively.

But “auto” attack ?
You realize that if you’re not shooting your bow, you’re doing other things that require a mouse click?

If you’re really that worried about destroying your mouse clicking finger, why don’t you try using voice recognition software instead along with the auto-lock feature? At least the VRS won’t be picked up as a cheat or a hack. Or are you a glutton for masochistic punishment?

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Do you only know the weight of arrows in vanilla settings.

As you state, you use AOC, witch is nearly a total conversion in such.
I mean, i love mods, i use mods lot, but still keep in mind how most play, and how the game is intended. Also is playing in the CE univers, so no fancy auto auto auto thing, and autofire, of course, and i think that’s fine so.

Imagine, you dragging around thousand of arrows in rl to.
I think it’s more the style, or the mod needing some adjustment, than an autofire in current game.

the BUILD was intended to be BOW AND ARROW ONLY because ive already played and finished this game so i decided to limit myself to DODGING and RANGED ONLY…plus the mods give more items and enemies so im happy with that…“glutton for masochistic punishment” HAHAHAHAA I love this

The game does auto gather. Mainly because most of your left clicks will be for that. You spend way more time gathering than light attacking (rapid fire on Bows), so it is a QOL improvement for harvesting.