Avatar summining Age of War PVE PVC to fight purge?

Just wondering if we will be able to summon avatars to fight the purge on PVC and PVE Age of War?

You’ve always been able to. But it’s highly ineffective since a purge is 30 minutes and a summon is only 1

You were able to do this before.
As @Jimbo said, it won’t be as useful, maybe for the last rounds against bosses like dragons, rockslides, giant snakes, etc.

I was never able to get an avatar to do anything on pve. They’re completely useless. It’s a shame. I think once I got two npcs killed, but it might have been something else who did it…

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I did not know that you could summon an avatar on PVE/PVC!

Seems like a more cogent avatar AI during the last round might be fun.

Oh well!

I still want to have avatar battles. It would be like Godzilla movies.

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They should totally fight one another! :smile:

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