Purge suggestion, adding godly avatars

You should really make avatars appear in the purges, especially when you get those from Jhebbal Sag, he should really appear in the flesh during the purge.
Furthermore, when there is a Lemurian purge, Hanuman should really make an appearance. You already got the gorillas so you only need to make a really big and powerful version of them and cal it the Avatar of Hanuman :slight_smile:

In addition to this, Jhebbal Sag should also appear during purges from the Dogs of the Desert.
When there are purges by the Heirs of the North or by the Lost Tribe of Cimmerian, you should add the avatar of Ymir to the fray.
Set should appear when the Relic Hunters do a purge.

To give the defenders a chance to prevent the appearance of an avatar of the gods, make it so that the purge has an archpriest summon the avatarof their god but it takes some time and if the defenders kill or capture the archpriest before the summoning ritual is complete, then the avatar won’t be summoned.

And, how could I forget, of course Yog should always be a factor in any purge when the cannibal Darfari are concerned.
As for the Black Hand? Hmm, they got priests from both Set, Mitra and Yog, don’t they so you got three possibilities with them :slight_smile:

love this idea!

Uh, no thanks for Official servers. If some admin wants to destroy everyone’s progress on a private server with no way to counter it then that’s between them and their players. :rage:


I really do not like this idea.
The only defence against a god is a god bubble for which you need the a particular tier of priest, zeal and more than importantly 30 minutes to create !! (And as I understand it currently one god can destroy through god-bubbles … so against that you have no defence.)
The AI is so buggy you are likely to have the archpriest spawn somewhere you can’t find them such as inside rocks…therefore impossible to kill/capture.
The random nature of the purges could mean you have multiple of these arch priest spawning as well in multiple areas.

Also the purges “get lost”, that is will attack any player owned structure in its path even if not it does not belong to the clan the purge is directed against … so a purge-god is likely to destroy someone else’s base who is completely unaware of the danger.

Unless players permanently have god bubbles activated then they have no offline protection against that type of purge.


Purges are really underwhelming. Not only because of their buggy nature but also since most are so easily defeated by a well-protected base.
This suggestion of mine isn’t meant to happen to offline players.

There’s definitely a lot of things that need to be worked out about purges. Certainly the buggy pathfinding.
When/if purge avatars are introduced, they should be given their own purge tier. Then there is not just one but two options to turn them off if you want to for admins. Official servers would likely do well with a survey before introduction of this kind of thing. That would give players time to decide what type of server setting suits them best.

Maybe a boss with reduced stats that is easier than a regular boss? Not an avatar. There is no way to stop that if you are all alone. A mini-boss, however, could be just what a purge needs to satisfy your… needs.

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There are already regular bosses and minibosses in most type of purges, now a rocknoses purge is something that, alone, you have to be VERY well prepared if you don’t want to lose everything.

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@wotannatow I really don’t get the point in having a purge you cannot win…

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Everyone says cannot win and no way to defeat/counter it. He put in his suggestion it be an arch priest that has to summon it. So technically you can kill/capture him while he is summoning. Now i understand the issue of an offline purge being scary. But 90% of posts from people of this forum defending not wanting to feed or maintain thralls/pets is because “we need them for purges”. Yet the purges are so ridiculously easy to defeat that anything more than 10 thralls/pets is over kill. So which is it? Are all these thralls for defending purges or for Pokemon collecting?
If the god would last like 30 seconds, i think it would be fun. And it would have to be the on 6th+ wave of the highest purges, which is not guaranteed.

Oh sure, NPCs can be killed easily enough until they can’t be reached at all. It’s all fun n’ games until the Arch-Priest spawns under the mesh (like the mobs in my last three purges) and has free reign to destroy 1000s of hours of work uncontested.

Maybe if this game was free of bugs and had exceptionally brilliant AI, but in its current state? No way, no how!

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I agree, bugs would need to be fixed.
But when someone is suggesting something, i think it is without say they are talking without bugs. Because if not, then all suggestions are kinda moot because there may be bug to exploit the new idea.

I prefer my suggestion be shot down because it would not fall into lore, game play style, not fun, or just technically impossible. Current bugs should not be a reason Funcom doesn’t try new things and mechanics in the future.

If you were going to do that, they would need changes. Scale them down to no more than 3 foundations tall, treat them like a world boss, only allow them to spawn on weekends, and give the targeted players a 72 hour warning with a countdown timer next to it (such as a message on the side of the screen that says: Incurred “God’s Name”'s wrath, Judgment in: 72:00).

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Yes, but when it’s something that could completely wipe out all of someone’s accomplishments, I think the reality check is vital. Funcom doesn’t do rollbacks, and while some PvPers might not be overly invested in their creations, a lot of us PvEer are quite invested in what we’ve fostered. It’s the same reason why you see PvPers asking for wipes to counter exploits or seasonal servers, etc. but the PvE crowd wants none of it.

So yeah, while something that can completely obliterate someone if it bugs out might be worth a shot to you, it’s something that is potentially cause for others to shelve the game and never give Funcom another dollar. IMO, this would be better served by someone writing a novelty mod and hosting a server specifically geared around that theme.

good input. Baby Gods!!!

Sure, if you gives epic armors and weapons to your thralls, and all of your thralls are no less than 7425hp, if all of your pets are Greater pets etc. you win.

Try to fight a Demon, Rocknoses, Undead, Scorpion, Frost Giants, even Cimmerian Beast Tammers purge without any of those things, alone, and than will see if you tell me they are easy to win.

They are not easy at all, we can be prepared to make them “easy”, it requires a LOT of resources and time.

I’m not against even more difficult purges, even if, if you check the forum, someone from new players already complains about purges because a rocknose purge, if you haven’t reached lvl 60 and you have not all the stuffs I listed means having to rebuild your base.

But I’m a PvE-Conflcit player, I never faced an avatar, aren’t they indestructible ? What you can do against an avatar ? Because I know only the god bouble, wich requires 30 mins to be done, 500 manifestation of zeal and you have no notice if the purge will strikes you today or tomorrow (so you can waste it), and only long time playing 60 lvl clans can do it (and very few clans in PvE or PvE-Conflcit prepare themself to do it).

I can agree with suggestion of @Aria_of_Sorrow, a god-shaped boss with a religious themed purge will be quite fine and interesting. But it’s totally a different thing.

But with true avatars ? Why ? I do not understand, what’s the point in having a purge I cannot win in any way ?


Avatars can be destroyed with explosive mines for the ones on the ground. And for the flying ones, I believe set arrows used to work, and i assume if the archers agro, explosive arrows as well reduce the timer really quickly. And these purges would be akin to the highest level, and only hit in certain area, and clans/players that have survived multiple purges over time. In other wards, a newbie sandstone base would not get one of these.

And yes it takes 30 minutes to ignite the bubble. but purges have 15 minute warning, and the god would be like wave 6 of the purge. so if you prepped, you would have the zeal ready. Start the bubble timer, then kite the waves into buyin yourself more time so you can have the bubble ready. Would add a strategy to it. And the purge would be labeled so you know the god is coming. Something Like a True Name of YOG and darfari are attacking your base. Plus, you could kill the arch priest before the summoned it. IT would be a token on the map like normal.

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Something I’ve been wondering - why can’t npcs build and use trebuchets? It would really add another level to purges. There should also be siege towers and ladders npcs and players can build.

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