Avatars still disabled?

I wouldn’t go as far as to say they don’t care, it could’ve been anything. Bugged, not them but G-Portal, Aliens, who knows. It’s a server setting, I wonder is private servers can turn it on and if so, can they summon? That’s your prove right there.

No surprises here.

"Expect ignasis to come here and apologize for the inconvenientce " It’s still broken and not active. Despite the announcement.

Avatars are officially funcomed haha.

Now on a serious note… Comon funcom whoever did the avatars must be told to not drink beers while working. This is the kind of things that really makes you look bad as a company. Teat the features before saying its enabled! Common sense funcom, use common sense

Its a bit sad that i never had issues with game until updates started, with each update something breaks that before worked
by now i can count up to this

  1. red momma is texture bugged
  2. cant summon any avatars but u can make True names
  3. After u leave abyss dregs u cant climb anymore until remove braces by forcing respawn
  4. sometimes game does not see u are logginf off in PVE and u die from food or water .
  5. Thralls will teleport inside u for sure
  6. Decay timers even maxed out randomly give Decayed status now, and u need to reset it by building something
  7. Random homes and my own home in server had “No owner” status and u cant interact with anything that move, like doors or elevators until server restart or dunno what happened that 1 day later it resseted back…

These are only some of all new bugs i start to experience in new updates :frowning:

Has there been any official word yet from Funcom regarding the avatar issue?

Not to my knowledge.

It has been several more days and just checking in. Has anyone heard what is up with avatars?

Any news whatsoever?

I got a message back stating that they are looking into it.

Singleeplayer/private works, Online all from gportal no :smiley:

Posted 5 hours ago in the bugs forum. So, hopefully they’re switched back on soon.

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lets hope they dont break something else, im terrified of funcom patches, (last one was the worse i have witneses, only comparable with the" mother of all patches" but yeah last one was worse.

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i can even see the true name token for yog mihra and set t 3 alter t4 archpriest or named priest and dont have the option to make the token to summon is this a bug as well ?

Hello, Steve. Seems like yes, this is a bug:

Don’t know about how it will work, but today on official server i can make now true name of set mitra and others , not only Ymir / Sag…

Sadly i am afraid to lose another priest and altar just to check out if its working -.- they could give back those 2 priests and altars and names some already lost :smiley:
After 1 hour i will say if avatars working now

Avatars working now on PVE servers…
but there is some bugs

after summoning avatar , chat is gone for good, all u write is like ( MITRA : CHar name) and doubled or trippled

This feels unreal…

“Along with this patch, Avatars have been enabled (for real this time).”

That happened when I tested it in Testlive also. I had to relog to get chat to go back to normal.

Just out of curiosity: did you (or anyone else) report that as a bug? It would be interesting to know if it was not reported and they didn’t catch it, or reported and simply ignored.

I reported it in the main patch thread. I’ll quote the relevant portion and leave a link below:
My character name in the chat window was preceeded by Mitra. The only oddity to note was that after the summoning, whenever I typed something into the chat window, it displayed twice, as if I had sent the same message twice in a row instantaneously.

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