Average wait times for customer service?

Put a ticket in 12 days ago and still have no response back yet. How long does a person have to wait till someone can help you?

I think the last time I sent in a ticket it was in regards to billing/payment and it took maybe a week to get a response. There may have been one time when I fixed the problem myself but my ticket didn’t get looked at until 3-4 weeks later when I got an email about it.

From my experience, depending on the issue, expect to a wait a good while.

Over 2 weeks now and no response yet

That’s sad. Game has so many players, yet ehen it comes to support, it looks like EXPENSIVE Abandonware…

I, myself, needed 2 times FC support and got reply or action. That sucks :confused:

we all know it sux, but it is as it is :roll_eyes: