Axe of the gate guardian pointless accuracy buff with 0%pen

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [USA]

[Axe of the gate guardian has a pointless accuracy buff. I could understand if you’re building accuracy for melee pen. But axe of the gate guardian has 0% pen. What’s the point in a 30% pen buff if 30%x0% still = 0%? Even if its 30%+0% the damage on the gate guardian is so low it doesn’t even make a difference.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Obtain axe of the gate guardian

Those of you about to bash me for my math. I highly suggest you read my entire post before you make yourself look dumb.

Tested against the God Breaker boss and a player wearing the God Breaker Armor versus an unarmored boss as well as an unarmored player. With the accuracy perk and maxed strength against unarmored the damage dealt was 127. Againts god breaker the damage was 97.

An equal damage weapon against god breaker dealt 94 damage. Therefore a difference in 3 hitpoints doesn’t make up for the pointless buff.

Either add pen to the axe. Or increase the axes base damage. You can craft high grade flawless daggers that have higher base damage.

Hello @LTDBlackWidow, thank you for sharing your concern!

To clarify, this axe intentionally grants a +5 Accuracy bonus that is meant to help achieve the 4th Accuracy perk, and the bonus of this perk is an additional 30% added to the weapon’s Penetration stat, so a weapon with 0% penetration has 30% instead, a weapon with 20% has 50%, and so on.

We believe that it has a place as a good offhand weapon for certain archer builds, and that the 30% penetration it can get from the accuracy perk will be extremely handy for NPCs that have high amounts of damage mitigation, since Axes are a weapon type that generally has little to no penetration.

In your test, the chosen build was not the ideal use case for this weapon, there would be superior alternatives in such conditions as you’ve noticed, but that doesn’t exactly classify this weapon as pointless.

That being said, we’re always open to feedback, so if you still believe that the weapon is underwhelming feel free to start a new post in the Suggestions or General Discussion thread and bring this up with other fellow Exiles!


I totally agree with you that this weapon is not pointless, has value, and your response is the solution to the post but something you said:

Maybe I’m not familiar with this weapon. Would someone help me out with what Offhand is. @Hexsing ?

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This weapon is a great addition to builds like mine which use strength and accuracy. Most builds run reliant on the Huntress and the Eye of Khan which add a +5 to accuracy.

With Jhebal Sag potions now only giving 3 pointe to accuracy as opposed to +8 once offered it helps to get to the 40 perk in accuracy giving the flat 30% armor pen.

This means that you can swap to this axe to go melee from a bow and retain your perks.

As an off hand weapon it will allow archers to switch from a bow instead of using a weapon that gives strength or another stat that we may not use.

It Also allows for Flawless Heavy Hyrkanian to be used as well for an archer giving us the option of wearing heavy. Not that I would. But with a strength accuracy build Hyrkanian and a shield becomes viable.

This is not bug.

This is a gift.


Offhand is essentially just another weapon option with a stat that can compliment your build.

For example vaulting pole for a long range option with Agility and Zhaibar Knifes for an agility set of daggers.

No your right, I have Huntress and EoK for archer build. They are a wonderful luxury
so maybe backup is a better word. Also, the hotfix is making the buff 8 again

I was always hoping for a true “offhand” function (like the thread for torches and bindings)

Like using akibitam knives or throwing axes with a one handed weapon. But actually using a regular weapon in your left hand. Like dual seasalt cutlasses


I can see how it’s not "pointless’ in that it’s a back up for archers. It just seems it should maybe have higher base damage, or at least a 10% base pen.

It lines up very well with the axe of the lion (+5 str). It actually has a few more damage. The weapon would easily have appeared less valuable if you did not know about the recent change to the accuracy perks

Which I did notice the change from 50% to 30% for accuracy 3/4 which ever one it is. And did use this in testing.

Wait, If you noticed the change in the WORDING of the perk then you would see your error

30% + 0% = 30%

Hope I not looking dumb, not trying to bash





Autocorrect bot say’s it’s “Hope I’m not looking dumb”

I continued on to show my testing