Legendary Two Handed Axe with 0% Armor Penetration

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[I got a Legendary Two Handed Axe with 0% Armor Penetration from a chest requiring a skeleton key. I don’t know if anyone considers this a bug, but I do.]

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  1. Kill Black Rhino West of Sepermeru
  2. Use skinning knife on Rhino to get Skeleton Key
  3. Open nearby chest with skeleton key in inventory.
  4. Marvel at the un-reward of a legendary weapon with 0% armor penetration.

all axes and 2h axes have 0 armor pen , except 2 items, yog’s touch 1h axe ( that is going to be nerfed in the next patch ) and the ancient lemurian 1h axe .

you can put a spike upgrade that will add some armor pen to it , or the warmaker dungeon upgrade kit that will add a bit of damage and a bit of armor pen . ( but I recommend the first for axes :wink: )


What is the name of the axe? (I can’t come up with any legendary two-handed axes, but maybe it was added recently.)

What’s the name of the axe?

All 2h axes have 0%, so I don’t think it is a bug.

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My bad, the axe is called Glimmermoon. Is Legendary, does 57 health damage, has shield smash, and glows.

Sorry if it’s not a bug, 0% armor penetration sounds like a problem to me.

Nah, that’s not a bug (also not a two-handed axe - it’s one-handed) - Glimmermoon’s a pretty decent legendary weapon - not the absolute top rank, but at the decent end. As Kanza1 said, all 1 handed axes, legendary or otherwise, have zero armor pen (except Yog’s Touch and Ancient Lemurian Axe) unless you chose to add some with a kit. This is to do with the way different weapons are balanced against each other. One-handed axes are still damn good weapons in most situations, and Glimmermoon is a pretty darn good axe.

Edit: It’s also worth noting that the 0% armor pen won’t be a problem in most fights - partly because the damage output is good, plus the fact they cause bleed and knockdowns (in addition to having decent hyperarmor and shieldsmash). Try either you using the axe plus a thrall with a decent one-handed mace, or the other way round - one of you adding sunder while the other one minces them with the axe - I think you’ll be quite happy with the result :wink:


@DangerAce, try the weapons list on the wiki. Lots of good info there.




What about the Reaver’s Axe? It has an armor penetration of 15 and is a legendary weapon, too

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