Backpacks, bags, purses, satchels

Would be great if we could craft bags, small and large to expand inventory. Big ones, like the ones bearers have can even increase stamina usage when running maybe.

Being able to place on ground to increase mobility would be good for roleplay, too. There’s a similar mechanic in that game Outward.


You can get a bearer back pack by knocking out a bearer and putting it in you wheel. Once it’s cooked it will have the backpack in its inventory, you can use it for a +5 encumbrance boost.


Tis true. I always have a Bearers Pack on me at all times. It grants me an additional 10% Encumberance as soon as I pop it on. It cannot be repaired using raw materials, however a Legendary Armour Repair Kit will do the job.

That said, I would be open to some variations of the Bearers Pack.

There are even thralls that can craft the bearer pack, it’s awesome.

I would love a legendary variant of the bearers pack…


A visually smaller backpack that didn’t obstruct as much of your vision would be nice.


The fact that 99% of all looter type games don’t offer anything g visual on a character, like… if a soldier carries 1 primary, 1 secondary, a side arm and a knife, where are the Damn weapon slings. Since we’re playing Conan Exiles, you start off naked, in the desert. You may craft for survival… clothes, tools, weapons, water, food and fire; however, there is no visible satchel, pack, purse or backpack on you, carrying these items, you’ve just fabricated. Fabricate a visual satchel, for all things holy!

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It is ironic that both of these suggestions should come up, as I have contemplated both of these possibilities previously. They are both a resounding yes for me. Perhaps a ‘Bearers Pack of the Unburdened’. Grants twice as much additional encumberance as a normal pack when worn, and also offers a reduction in visual obstruction.


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