More backpack options

1 i want to be able to craft and repair the backpacks currently in thegame, 2 i want to see smaller more compact backpack 3 i want to be able to dye them aswell


I like the idea of this as well would be nice not to have to get it from captured bearers.

They definitely need to be craftable. Like how are there so many bearers if you cannot make the pack?

Also be neat to have a few custom looks or dying options as well


I like the idea of backpacks being made. If there are different options like “Small, Medium, Large or Lendary backpack”, more rare materials could be ordered to create the best backpacks. I like the idea of being able to customize this too… even with tinctures. Masters of Armor level 4 could even provide upgrades to the “standard” backpack.


You could also create “efficiency kits” for backpacks in 3 levels (similar to other kits) on armor masters’ benches. Each level could reduce the size of the backpack in the visual aspect (since the current backpack - which is huge - partially disrupts / blocks the player’s view of the character in the third person), but maintains the same carrying capacity.

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yea thatsa good idea, my main complain it the size for sure, can not use a bow with it as it blocks the dot