Primitive early lvl handcrafted backpack

as the title say…would be nice if you could handfraft from the start lvl a simple backpack from fiber and strings that add less incumbrance then a barrier pack

from rp presective could be a good look for anyone who dont wanna run around with all his sticks and rocks up his bumhole


We need backpacks in general that dont use head-slot. that look like backpacks. =p

I’d love inventory overhaul
so player can have like 5 maybe 10 slots without backpack, and we’d have tiers of backpacks that would grant additional, with +5 on primitive fiber through hide, leather, and so on, to maybe +30 slots on best
with visuals and all

Why? Do you enjoy the inventory micromanagement you would have to resort to without a backpack?

Even the old Might & Magic games, with their awful “Tetris inventory”, didn’t restrict you like that:

because that’s how much naked person could possibly carry without a pack of sorts

not really, essentials only until you have packs, like in survival game we supposedly play

Oh. Realism is more important than gameplay. Got it.

If you made the backpack a container like a chest or wooden box, that you needed to remove to access.
and it reduced the weight of what was inside by a percentage when worn,

That would be a great addition.

You could have tiers of the packs as well.

I didn’t think of this myself, this very thing is a mod for Skyrim.

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That depends if you a guy you got some problems if a girl welll you already have an extra storage area as my friend zemos said in saint row three

I got your gun and you naked girl.

Uuuu where am I supposed to put all these.

That’s up to you I’d rather not know

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