Bad Pass Setup Please Stop

The setup for the pass is a really bad idea. As it stands right now, it looks like we’re forced into completing challenges as often as possible because there doesn’t appear to be any sort of setup to allow us to amass challenges to complete later on, despite the fact that this is what basically every other pass in every other game does anymore, even ignoring the fact that a battlepass for a SURVIVAL GAME is still a terrible idea to begin with. Not only that but there’s literal gameplay affecting items within a microtransaction, the definition of pay to win. I honestly don’t know who greenlit this, but it should just be scrapped.

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LOL…Could not disagree with you more. I’m loving it. Flying through the battle bass and the challenges.

Again, I have to laugh…Cause…no there isn’t. Sorry, I have the battlepass and I’ve been on an hour with it and I’m three levels in. No "gameplay affecting items. I’ve gone through all 60 levels and you are 1000% wrong. There is not one item that would be considered pay to win.

Stop trying to get everything for free. Do you go to work for free? Then why should funcom? If they don’t generate revenue, they can’t continue to update the game.


You can complete challenges freely, you don’t need to play every day. You can amass the XP multipliers for up to five days so even if you can play e.g. only on weekends, you’re not screwed.

Which items are “game-affecting” that are also behind a paywall? As far as I know, the spell potions are all in the free BP slots.


This one suggests slowing down.
Let the XP modifier boost accumulate a bit. Let the bugs get ironed out. One can store, what is it, 20 boosts?
One need not reroll to get new tasks. Just complete one and a new one populates when you collect the completed one. Be certain to collect as soon as it is completed.
If a single potion for creeping darkness and a single use of thunderstorm is enough to decide a battle… That battle was probably already decided.
Unless someone has colour sensitivity and the new wall torc- oh, wait, there’s already radium gems in infinitely more harsh and annoying colours.

This one hates Battle Passes as they hate Hell.
But as far as how battle passes go, the one in this game is on the reasonable/benevolent side of the pool.

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