Bag Vendor Locations

Where are the locations of various bag vendors besides the ones in the hub cities? Isn’t there one in the Eg. Mnts. for example?

there are some in hub cities, one in tortage night,one in keshatta, and one with a faction in kara korum.

Where is the guy that sells climbing gear? If I remember, he also used to sell bags.

he’s in atzel’s approach, behind atzel’s fortress. he may have a bag too, not sure.

But those bigger bags from npcs are very expensive, check the price for a commander’s haversack at the trader.

Commander is more or same expansive of Janf-shi bag and a lot less capacious. Dont understand why people buy commander.

I guess because it’s easier to get. Don’t you need rank 4 at the faction to buy the bag?

Yes need rank 4 but i dont see It as a problem because do quest is part of game and for me is fun.

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I recognize that people are asking for crazy amounts for the commander bag at the moment ! i just brought it there because it can be interesting if at a decent price.

at the right price it is definitely interesting. But lately I see the madness of the trader I didn’t see before. Items low level at atrocious prices. It wasn’t like that before

I think it is because of the unconquered challenge - high prices out of sight.

Tortage Night Time - Butterfly - back of Thirsty Dog Inn
Kheshatta - Venes Venele x667, y580
Old tarantia - Corta - x951, y607
Khemi - Cayo - x928, y1082
Kara Korum - Jiang Shi Merchant - x992, y1183