Bags when boxes are destroyed

If you destroy a foundation, boxes over it are destroyed. A bag should appear with the items in that case. But in Conan exiles they dissapear magically.

This is basic, specially when you can destroy it easily by a mistake.

In many ways Conan Exiles looks like a game in a early alpha…

Not sure you what you mean here. Bags have always appeared for me when I blow a foundation out from under a box. Can you provide evidence, maybe it’s a bug?

Evidence? Just remove your own foundation with a box over it…

I get the bag…

I have always received a bag with the contents of the box as well. Again as Zeropoint suggested this sounds like a bug which is why he was asking if you could provide evidence because this goes against what most people experience. Is it a specific type of box or foundation? IE always a wood box and sandstone foundation? Or any type of either?

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I confirm all the above fellow members. I always take a loot bag when i accidentally break something. In the past, by fury, i was trying to move something and i was dismantling something else :joy::joy::joy:. I was really upset with the game back then, it was their mistake, not mine :joy::joy::joy:. Anyway i have to admit that from tiles to times something was missing from the loot bag. If i only knew back then how to fight this bug. Now read carefully… If your loot bag is missing something you knew that it must have log out fast and log in. You will see in your inventory that the missing item appeared. Don’t let the game roll because after about ten minutes you will loose it forever.

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