Loot Bags disappearing

Hello all, I am a new player hoping to get some advice. I am playing the game on pc via Xbox Game Pass, and playing in Single Player mode. The problem I am having is that when I drop stuff in a loot bag, it disappears after a short while. It makes collecting resources to build a base very hard !!! Thanks for any help you may provide ! :slight_smile:


Turn off decay, craft a wooden box and store your resources there and by the way this is the forum section for TestLive (test client), you may want to use #general-discussion:exiles-php instead.

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Welcome to Conan Exiles! The “loot” bags that you drop disappearing after awhile is, I believe, an intended feature. As Narelle said, if you want to keep stuff but not fill your inventory space you’ll have to craft a box/chest/crate for storage

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Moved topic.

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