[Balancing Issue] Issues with Crafting Thrall Quality Scaling

Game mode: Every
Type of issue: Development Oversight?
Server type: Every
Region:: Every

Not really a bug, since technically working as intended, moreso an oversight in development, I guess?

With the Economy Update, item quality on crafted gear now scales with the crafter Thrall used to make them (Armorer, Blacksmith, Carpenter, etc.) and no longer has dedicated blueprints for quality levels (Exceptional, Flawless Quality was removed).

The scaling is the same for all items crafted, T4 thralls give additional stats according to their specialization. So far so good, here is the issue:

There are items in the game that were not meant to be „scaled“ during crafting, items that did not have „Flawless“ variants before.

And there are items that had higher scaling then the now generalized default. (Where the difference between „flawless“ and „basic“ was larger then usual)

The former category are dungeon recipies, items that were on par with flawless craftables, without being „flawless“ themselves. Examples for this are:
Khari gear (Armors and Weapons)
Silent Legion armor
Godbreaker and Champion Armors
Lemurian Weapons
Dragonbone Weapons

These items now receive quality scaling when crafted, resulting in them to scale far beyond the power levels they had before, outshining the most powerful legendary gear by a large margin, to the point where some of them make entire gear categories redundant.

A few examples:
T4 Shieldwright crafted Khari Soldier set:

T4 bladesmith crafted Ancient Lemurian Weapons: (all stats without any upgrades)
image image image

Other examples:
T4 crafted Godbreaker Armor gives +4 to attribues per piece
T4 crafted Champion and Silent Legion armor give +3 attribute points per piece

T4 shieldwright Black Corsair gives a total of +15 agility and > 600 armor points with bulked platings, as a light armor set.

T4 Blade/Edgesmith Dragonbone Weapons are better then every Legendary found in Skeleton Key chests.

T4 Khari Bow with Master Weapon fitting: (The bow is missing its VIT bonus and only gives +2 to accuracy, this may actually be a bug)

And then there is the latter category, items that scale worse then before the economy update. This includes ALL Eladrium armors, which are now simply missing the additional stats their Flawless variants had before.

T4 War Court giving +10 total STR instead of the +15 it had before
T4 Black Knight and Frost Giant Armor missing their STR Bonus alltogether.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Craft the above mentioned items with a T4 crafter Thrall
  2. Compare them to their Pre Patch equivalents
  3. Either rejoice or frown at the jump of powerlevels you find.

A few more examples and Highlights:
(Weapon stats without any upgrades)

image image image image image image



Yep, this is how things work right now. Thanks Funcom.

This is kind of absurd, I hope they fix it. At least to a degree!

How was this patch approved for live? So, so many game breaking issues. :expressionless:

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the blue icon for t4 arent explained, anybody have a list of what the icons are?


I don’t know how homogenous this is for other thralls, but I believe for armor it is: Hammer = Durability; Shield = Armor; Dumbell = Weight.


Similar for blacksmith and taskmaster.

I doubt it is, but can we have a feedback if this is intentional or if it will be fixed?

Just seen this. Well spotted OP this is…
… on a par with the Bizarre nature of these “Fixes”

I suggest we enjoy the items while we can (who knows fo rhow long!) as I expect FC will get to these eventually once suffcient folks report they put a hole in their Balance boat (again) with this “Update”

Please welcome the latest addition to the above topic, with todays patch and the fixing of missing recipies.

Please welcome… “Redeemed Legion Amor”

Any T4 Armorer can craft it, most effective of course are Shieldwrights, as used in the below example:

The Khari Armor is on par with Siptah Legendary armors, but instead of the rather abundant Eldarium it requires to setup a convergence trap and pray to Crom.

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Because of this, Daggers of Dagon can be boosted to an absurd degree. With a master weapon fitting I got a pair to have 70 damage and 30% ap.

Apparently todays patch stealth nerfed some of the above mentions, by reducing the attribute bonus of Khari Armors and Godbreaker.

The patch notes mention that Eldarium armors have been fixed as well.

Thank you for listening, Funcom.


Eldarium armors were changed somewhat. Vicious set now +6 strength, +4 vitality, and +5 Grit, but the bonuses per piece are different. Helmet gives +2 to strength and vitality, chest gives +2 vitality and +3 grit, bracers give +2 strength, legs give +2 grit, and boots give +2 strength, whereas the War court set gives +3 strength per piece.

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the whole set?

war court only gives +3 str? or 3 strg per piece?

Per piece, I’m fixing my report on Vicious. It was changed and gives different bonuses on each of its pieces.

The numbers you can pull now with these items is just too crazy, it makes me hesitant to use them in the interest of “ruining the experience”. Very interested to hear if this is intended or not.

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