Balancing issuses not right

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: K9 The Passage

i recently died not once but 3 times. It all started when a spider spit something at me and in 1 hit applied 3 stacks of cripple on me, i turned to face my attacker when i was set upon by this little green sand reaper that breathed on me and in just 1 breath it applied 10 stacks of poison and i promptly died, this happened 2 more times after retrieving my body.
now the bigger orange ripper and the 3 skulled queen sand reaper proved far and i mean FAR less deadly.
So in short if that is how it works in the PC version since xbox is now suppose to be alligned, so be it, but if not then, way to go FunCom you released yet another broken update, a 26.5G broken update.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.go to K9
2.find the litte green sand reaper
3.let it breath on you in horror as you die

Yeah, those. I had several daily locust purges where the reaper would hit me with 10 stacks of poison instantly, and register hit damage before the hitting animation ended. I noticed many mobs registering the damage before the end of the animation.

Where’s Hugo when you need a straight answer, like sorry we screwed the pooch again?

Hey @TheEternalMan, thank you for reaching out!

Can you confirm that this issue only began occurring after the most recent patch?

In any case, we’ll register this occurrence for the team to look into, apologies for the frustration it caused.

Well it was actually kind of funny more than frustrating, but it happens mostly when it’s a big purge, like big in numbers, and the building is also big, so i assume might just be lag.

But the insta-10-stacks of poison from the locust vomit it’s a bit excessive and I cannot say since when it started cause I just came back into conan, others might have a better answer.

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