Ban should be gone, but its not

So, i got banned 14 days ago (13 January)
For ‘claim spam’ (Fence stacking the gutter)

Its my 3rd ban, all because of claim. Ofc i couldnt protect myself against trebs anymore, so i moved to a ground base.

The ban should have been 14 days, but now after 14 days. My ban is still not lifted. :thinking:

Its kk, you already lost everything. Bans can take an additional 2 days to lift. You get a 5 day ban, wrist slap, add 2 days for the system FC uses and lose everything anyway…best to just follow the rules…

Oh you say this is #3?.. That may be the magic number. You may have lost your privileges!


Is it just me, but isn’t 13 September just a little more than 14 days?


I had that math problem also and I learned on the really really really new math back in the day if not older :upside_down_face:

All my friends got unbanned. Besides me.

And yes its my 3rd time, but again for a dumb decision.

Landclaim and fence stacking.
Landclaim to prevent getting trebuchet. Wich they could have fixed themself before banning players. And fence stacking wich is been widely used for the past years. Wich the majority of the pvp player base thinks its the most worse decision they ever made.

And sure, i would understand the ban for game breaking stuff, like undermeshing or duplication glitches. But not for silly landclaim.

My bad lol, its must been January., :rofl::rofl:


Duration of a suspension/ban

We do not issue warnings ahead of admin intervention.

We typically issue a 14 day temporary suspension as a way to warn and deter against repeating infractions. Any infractions beyond that will result in a permanent, non-appealable ban from official servers.

I believe you’re going to need to find another set of servers to play on. Just make sure to thoroughly read through their server rules before running afoul. While many non-official servers will work with accidental infractions. They have zero-tolerance normally against skirting the rules on purpose.

i’m currently sitting on a 1month ban started 24th of jan. for “abusing the building system to block content”

Didnt realise I could block any content at the docks in 06 especially considering there is a no build zone to stop people blocking entrance to the under water dungeon. haha funcom.

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Greetings Everyone,

If you have questions regarding your suspensions or band, please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk

Bans/suspensions are handled directly between Funcom and the affected player so for privacy and security reasons, they can not be discussed here on our forums.

You can read more about how to submit a ticket here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures