Ban/Suspension shouldnt be as easy

Not true Tcool, I mean you get POI for that too… I mean there is a barren patch a little ways of the east in the starter desert you could be good for by these peoples logic.

Why are you being pedantic? Yes, bosses are “content” and don’t the rules mention bosses specifically anyway? I thought they did. ~=shrug=~

We agree that the rules need better English and need to be more complete but we don’t need to get all silly about it either.

I would use the word “should”, but yes, I agree.

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He is being pedantic because you keep saying stuff like don’t do x its that simple! They are providing examples of why there is nuance.

People have been told that their banning and builds are justified and SHOULD be deleted and here are people saying we need clarity and Palm just game up with a pretty damn good point regarding world bosses.

They aren’t POI, they don’t have a map marker. They are clearly content for anybody that has played the game for a bit but a newbie wouldn’t even know they SHOULD be there if somebody built over the spawn.

Nobody should be expected to cross reference an online map found on an EXTERNAL website before they can build on a site in what is supposed to be a sandbox game.

What is next? Submit council approval for a build? Please Funcom I wish to build a T3 villa on X coord, it is a 3 bedroom 2 bath abode and will have a stable for 2 horses.

From another thread, this is pretty much where I’m currently at with the state of the rules. I change my mind regularly over time and as evidence is presented - as I likely should but on these topics this is where I’m at for now.

Who can know the rules?

Most of us know. We have only a few problems at this point.

  1. There’s a small fraction of people who have been affected by rules that are too strict by most player’s sensibilities and therefore don’t think they have broken ANY rules.
  2. There’s a TINY minority of people who have been affected by the human condition of Administrators. This can’t be helped, we live in and are part of humanity. :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. The rules need to be written in more clear and correct English. This is to save some people (especially new players) from misunderstanding things. As some aspects of them currently are written, it’s only a step away from: “hey dude, like, you know, totally, just, like, be cool man.” :eyes:
  4. Once rewritten the rules need to be accessible - in one place, permanently linked in some obvious place in the game.
  5. People should probably be answered with greater precision when they ask Zendesk “Why?”.
  6. Some people attempt to use the rules as a weapon as others suggest. But since this is only effective against actual rule-breakers I’m not sure this actually qualifies as a problem under the current system. A much more proactive administrative model would address it to a large degree but that’s likely not happening.

And that’s really about it. Once a person reads through all the rules and visits a few dozen threads they do end up knowing what the rules are as well as what risks they’re taking by building in any particular way or location.

Is a POI content?

Point Of Interest (POI). As far as I know, they ALL have names. You might have to run over a small area on the map for it to appear on the map. But if you do and it does, and you build there, you are running the risk of getting banned and having your base wiped - if someone reports you. There is usually a book, a recipe, a boss, a lore stone, or something like that at every POI. Sometimes they are hidden; under a rock you might have to break to see, underwater, on a cliff-face, or something like that. So, before you build check an online map for either EL and or Siptah if you would like to ensure that no one can be successful in weaponizing the rules against you.

They do like their pineapples. Nobody is perfect…


make your own conclusions … A report on my server.

A building was built on the top of the Silver mine near The Jawbone. And was thought to be blocking the scorpion king from spawning in silver mine.

Our investigation has now concluded. At this time, the issue you’ve reported was not found to be a significant violation of our rules and we consider the matter resolved.

Building is still there. The Boss still has not returned.


True, but you don’t need to cross-reference any map. Most of the things you and @Palm522 mentioned are pretty noticeable, even to newbies.

When a newbie stumbles upon a giant crocodile that kill them in a few moves, they don’t just shrug and go “meh, this is unremarkable”, they go “holy shіtballs, what the hell was that”. When they see a freaking ghost appear out of nowhere and start walking, accompanied by a loud sound, they pay attention to that. When a big-ass banner appears on the screen and says “You have discovered Telith’s Island”, they notice that. And they also notice that all of the above are not commonplace and littered all across the map.

Even the newbies are capable of reasoning out that these things are not in the same category as bushes and rocks.

What isn’t noticeable are the damn rules. Funcom should really make sure that every newcomer sees the rules. For example, they could make it so that when you first create a character on an official server, you get a pop-up with a link to the rules. Then it’s up to you to read them or not.

But we’re not just talking about newbies here. We’re talking about veteran PVP players, who got used to playing one way and are having trouble realizing that this changed. Mind, I’m not blaming those like you who went “wait, what, since when is blocking POIs against the rules, that’s crazy”. The same thing happened when they reclassified fence foundation stacking as an exploit: instead of making sure every PVP player will be informed that this changed, they just left it buried as one message in an obscure forum thread.

These clarifications are not accessible and discoverable enough, and they need to be.

They could. And then some asshat on a PVE(-C) server will pave over every single brimstone node in Shattered Springs and complain how “that wasn’t against the rules, and the rules aren’t clear enough”.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t give those examples. I’m saying that at some point people will have to start using their own heads to reason out and follow the spirit of the rules instead of adhering to the letter.

Sure, as long as we’re not talking about leaving it “open” by building doors and gates. That’s not “open”, that’s “I can close this whenever I want to grief people, and then complain about how I left it open and Funcom ‘clearly’ doesn’t check the reports and they banned me unfairly.”

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Mmmm, I dunno. I’ve heard you make this argument before but I dunno if I would go there. Asshats who will cover every node and then complain about rule clarity: 0.000001%. People who need to know specifically if POIs should not be built on: 100%. The argument seems to diminish the importance of those who need to know needing to know, with actual asshats playing silly games.

It confusing as the Map has defind no build zones controlled by the game mechanics, and othere we are speculating are not. as there are not clear do not build here instructions. In my opinion

I am suggesting here that maybe these rules are not in the spirt of the game and balance need to be put in place, These rules are a product when folks would wall off a obelisk or place a wall around shatter springs etc.

As for blocking content building on a bridge or inside a cave etc. if you want to see inside something that is blocked, get on Single Player. Trust me once you seen it isn’t that interesting.


I’m not going to quibble about whether you’re underestimating the former, but you’re definitely overestimating the latter. There’s plenty of folks who never needed telling not to build on POIs :man_shrugging:

I’m not trying to diminish their importance. I’m trying to say that there are extenuating circumstances when: 1) the rules aren’t proactively presented to newcomers, and 2) there’s a huge group of people who are used to doing something that they now shouldn’t do.

But extenuating circumstances take you only so far. At some point people really need to accept that if something looks like important content, you shouldn’t block it. Saying things like “well if POIs are ‘content’ then bushes and rocks are too” and “world bosses don’t have markers so they aren’t content” is what I would call “silly games”.

I mean, I’m not against adding no-build zones for things like POIs (as long as it’s after the 3.0 update yadda yadda yadda), but even that will take you only so far.

People seem to think that my Shattered Springs example is “playing silly games”, but I’ve seen people quite seriously and unironically say that paving over Shattered Springs is a “legitimate strategy”, that it’s in the “dominate” part of the “survive, build, dominate” motto of Conan Exiles, and that “if Funcom really doesn’t want us doing that, they should make it a no-build zone”. It was quite a while ago, so you’ll forgive me if I don’t go spend half an hour digging it up from the depths of the forums, but it was – unsurprisingly – back in the days when people were asking for server moderation because of shenanigans like that. More than one person thought that those “silly game” arguments were completely valid, and were just as outraged to be contradicted as many of the participants in these “ban is the new meta” discussions.

What I keep trying to say is that Funcom can and should improve several things we mentioned in these discussions, but at some point enough is enough. If your only measure of the validity of a grievance is “well it keeps popping up on the forums all the time”, then it will never be enough. I’ve seen it before the rules, I’m seeing it after the rules. I keep seeing it with every update that changes the PVP meta. :man_shrugging:

In other words, you disagree with the rules. That’s fine. There are things in the rules that I disagree with, too; for example, I don’t think that first-time land claim infractions should carry a ban.

But “I disagree with the rules” is not really the same as “the rules aren’t clear enough”.

Yeah, I prolly worded that wrong. Lemme retry:

Do we need to have written rules with some specific dos and don’ts? YES!
Do we need to pander to or care about asshats being asshats? NO!

Ofc, I know you’re not trying to. But that the affect it has on the argument - to some degree - for me at least. It doesn’t seem worthy of the text space it occupies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, I agree with all that!!!

And just butting in here a bit:

There are ALSO some rules and administrative procedures I disagree with too. That doesn’t seem to be included in the stated topic though.

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I get that but i replied to one other thread that was similar to mine so replying to my thread and one other doesnt make it spam what you do sitting in forums all day insulting people that have different opinions would be considered spam not replying to one comment on another and the rest on your own post

I just got off work so ive had the chance to read a lot of yalls replys some helpful some already known but i think its crazy when some of you arent just telling others how wrong or salty or dumb they are how helpful you can be so maybe some of you should stop using your time insulting people and be hlepful because some of those things were good advice that should generally be saved and taken to FC as suggestions/request

I will double check, but they fixed some of those cave soawn issues.SKITTER8NG CAVE WAS LIK THAT.

No didn’t say I disagree with the rules, please don’t take one sentance and form your view consider the entire thought. This is not in the spirt of the Forums TOS.

The way the rules are apply are not in the spirt of a building the game is what I am implying,

Sorry, I honestly don’t understand how “these rules are not in (what I consider to be) the spirit of this game” is different from “I disagree with these rules”.

You think these rules don’t fit in this game, but you … agree with them? I don’t get it.

Sry I can’t help you if you don’t

Is the silvermine dungeon even at that spot? Its a load in dungeon, they are all off map as far as I know…

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I would share but will get thread closed.