Banned bug rollback?

Hello, I was banned from server 3514, by clayming, I’m not innocent, but my group and I just did this so the attackers wouldn’t build bases practically “inside ours” Funcom should review the distance to land, this hurts PVE- C, continuing, my group and I were banned for 7 days, we fulfilled the ban, everything was ok, then the rollback happened and we received another ban for 14 days now, and now there is no reason for this ban, I would like some help from an administrator, because That was unfair, now I have to wait 14 days, I already waited 7, now 14 more.

you might find this information helpful-

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That is not what they are saying. They are saying the ban of 7 days was lifted and they were ablento log in. But AFTER rollback, the ban restarted.

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I understand that, but the way I see it, the only way to resolve the issue is by using the Help Desk, while I also understand how difficult it is to get anything accomplished using the Help Desk.

I dont care how you see it. I see it as another FC failure, and zendesk (help desk) is a joke. That is my take, and the only one that matters to me. So yeah, it is BS they got double dipped it seems. Hope it gets corrected @Geee

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Please find an in-game solution to this devs and put an end to this ToC nightmare.

the problem is getting a quick response from them, able to get my weird ban lifted and they respond after 1 month :rofl::rofl::rofl:, only quick response I got so far from funcom was about chrom coins payments, now the rest is horrible