Banned due to a clan I once joined on another server

I have a very serious problem right now that I am hoping admins at Funcom can be notified and fix immediately.

This morning I attempted to log in to my home server #1053, only to receive the suspension notification: “failed to recieve suspension information.”

I asked some friends on the chat to go in an check my bases. Everything was up and nothing had been adminwiped. I assumed some random person had reported a base, and I even checked with my friend to see if anything that could remotely cause trouble was. He said nothing should have done it. It was further confusing as I am friends with everyone on that server.

Now some time back I joined server 1513 as well. I played here for a day and then logged in a few times since. Other than that I was completely inactive on the server. This becomes important for the rest of the story.

Later I spoke to another friend, who had told me that she and her entire clan had just been blocked as well on all servers. I thought this was coincidental at first. She told me that her clan leader on 1513 had gotten into a fight with another member who apparently was also an admin or perhaps who had reported to an admin. The clan base was deleted and all of the members of the clan were then banned.

Then it occured to me that I had joined her clan while visiting that server. Meaning I was among the list of people banned.

Of course this is completely unfair as I had only joined the clan while visiting. I did not contribute to the construction of the base in any way, if that is what the fight was even over. Nor do I even know what the fight was about or who it was with.

I was essentially a bystander who joined a friends clan while visiting another server where the reported incident happened. Despite this my account has been suspended as result of merely being in the clan.

Obviously you can see the unfairness of this. I would request that Funcom look into this immediately and reverse my suspension. Please help with this quickly. I have not broken any rules and am a paying and very active member who has purchased all the DLCs and Bazaar content. I do not want my work on the other server to decay over a suspension due to belonging to a clan on another server that I barely visited, the reason for the suspension I do not even know anything about.

My friend has given me the ticket numbers behind the suspension of the guy on the other server that is apparently behind the problem. I hope this helps: Subject Id Created Last activity▼ Status
Ban Appeal
#141554 20 hours ago 4 hours ago open

#141655 5 hours ago 5 hours ago open

They won’t reverse the suspension as not only do they not allow appeal of suspensions the fact remains that you were in a clan that was affected. Legitimate suspension/ban or not.

Sorry. It’s a ■■■■■■ system. The only thing you can do now is send a Zendesk ticket to ask for the why and how long and hope they reply quickly. Which they won’t. Chances are you won’t receive a reply until AFTER your suspension is served.


Hello NeonOctopus, Hello Support.

-I suffer from the same problem. I’m also member of that clan I visited on #1513 and now also got blocked on my “Home-Server” #1053 -just like you were. -For some actions of another clan member on #1513 which led to the loss of the base there. Actions which I did not take part in. Hopefully this matter can be resolved for #1053 by the support quickly and I can get back to my base. As I heard the base on #1513 was already deleted by support, -now I’m hoping we are not punished for the actions done by another clan member on another server -completely in our absence and without us even knowing about it.


you cannot resolve issues of this matter on the forums.

you need you use the Help Center:

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