Banned on Conan unfairly

I was banned for trash talking to cheaters. I have no idea how long I’ll be banned for. I think it’s funny how I talk trash and get banned but cheaters can be on servers for months before they get a ban if any. I don’t normally talk trash but I think it’s well deserved to talk trash to cheaters. The devs have not contacted me on how long the ban is. It’s already been three days kinda feels unfair to me tbh

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Try this


So here’s the thing, verbal abuse and harassment is not allowed. Someone reported you. The one who reported you may have been a third party who didn’t know who was cheating. It might have been the one cheating, we don’t know.

Funcom doesn’t even know. What they do know is they have evidence of someone breaking a rule (your verbal harassment). The reason why cheaters are not banned is because of a lack of evidence.

I have seen a lot of ‘evidence’ presented over the years. Especially as a server admin, when there is a dispute between players you will see this. The majority of the time, the stuff players send is inconclusive. As a server admin I can usually just login to the server and check it out before closing the issue. Then I can see with my own eyes to see if a claim of cheats is a problem.

So even if evidence presented is inconclusive, I can use it to pinpoint the area. Funcom doesn’t send a person online to the server to check it out. With 500+ servers it would bog down the response times following false leads (this is why private servers can have anywhere from 5-10+ admins in active communities). So what they do is check the evidence and if it is inconclusive, they close the ticket. Need better screenshots.

However for harassment, the screenshot is literally you saying a bad thing, they can check the log by searching exactly what you said, and boom it pops up immediately. Not so inconclusive, and very much easily verified and doesn’t take logging in.

This is why saying bad things gets acted on so quickly compared to undermeshing, cheats, and other stuff.

There is literally no affordable fix to this situation. It is what it is.


Yeah I get that but they need a better anti cheat system because not everyone can get hard evidence on official. When they see mass population drops in servers they should just stop in and watch or if a player has multiple reports they should just stop in the server and watch. They should also give a warning sign like other games do to know you are crossing some boundaries of trash talk. I know right from wrong but apparently you can’t trash talk in a VIDEO GAME anymore. I didn’t say anything that bad either that’s the thing ive seen racist comments, people telling others to self harm their selfs and never get banned. Maybe they should watch the whole chat on what I said and realized I was talking to a cheater. I’ve seen 5 posts on the forums about server 1088 about them cheating. That should be enough for them to go in and watch at the least. I’ve had over 1000+ hours in Conan and they give me a ban that’s more then 3 days for my first slip up? Maybe they should just give people chat bans where they can’t see or read the chat. Not ban them from the server because they were a little toxic in a survival game. I would 100 percent accept the 3 day ban but my ban is longer then that and there no way i said anything that bad to get 1 week plus. The people who I was trash talking were way worse trash talking then me and didn’t get banned because I don’t get hurt when someone says something toxic to me in a video game and report them. I think they should definitely get a ban as well. I just feel anything longer then 3 days for me is unfair.

Playstation messages has been going through a lot clean up lately. Even in private messages. Not aware if they are banning people. Sony shutting down community pages this month. Maybe it’s a case of video game :video_game: political correctness.

The tricky thing about “banning cheaters” is you really REALLY have to verify that they are cheating before you do anything.

If you’ve been playing any online games for awhile, you’ll be witness to people screaming HAX and EXPLOITS all the time without it actually being true. A lot of people don’t know what they are talking about. And anything they don’t understand is a cheat to them.

So you must verify.

Yah I get that but I don’t just run around claiming cheater I’m good at most games I touch I’m no where near the best at any of them and I under how crazy good people can get a games. They raided one of our thrall bases and there was 3 vaults and one was closed off and they used the magnet cheat to get all the loot out of the the vaults they could reach and then they blew into the only one they couldn’t reach with the cheat. Other bases they raided around the map they have only blew into the enclosed vaults that’s it. I just think at the least the devs should just join the server and watch them just to see if they are cheating. Cheaters are a real problem is this game and they are the reason almost all official pvp servers have no population.

That’s why i think i was unfairly banned I’ve seen way worse things go unpunished. I did not say anything bad enough to get banned for a week plus. The devs still haven’t contacted me so i can appeal. The devs say treat others how you want to be treated. They were talking so much trash talk so ofc i trashed talk back to them. they wrote up alot of things that they could have gotten banned for but i come from games that are toxic asf so i could careless what they tell me over a video game so i never reported them.

Like i said ill accept the punishment but really my first slip up they ban me for a week plus. i own every single dlc for the game and i support the devs and i will respect their rules maybe when they get a new rule update they should put it up in the game menu. 3 day ban should have been fair enough

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LOL. All the bannable things you mentioned were exactly what my common schoolyard trash talk was. Not that I’m proud of it - I regret it very much now, but back in that time, it was what everyone said.

BUT, I am glad things have changed and continue to change for the better. One day the human race will actually be human.

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Yeah, that used to be the case. Outside of a handful of really serious comments and phrases that were off limits for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain, that kind of trash talk was generally either ignored or considered to be nothing more than the childish banter that it was. But now people make up new lists of things to be unforgivably offended by on a daily basis and anything that was even remotely connected to those topics were the first to go, even if those connections make absolutely no sense at all.

While it’s good that trash talking is a little more frowned on, the larger picture is certainly not a change for the better.


I got banned for a week for “Harassment” and Offensive language. On a game that’s rated M for Mature. That doesn’t sit well with me but it is what it is. Ill never say anything in chat anymore just to avoid a non sense bad


At least it was only a week mate. Still got time to beat decay timers, hopefully you’ve still got a base to return to :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Yeah true my clan mates have kept it all save for me. Friday night ill be back and free and know how to act haha

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Yeah i respect the ban teaches me a lesson. I may not like it but i respect it. Also will be good for other really toxic people say a lot of really bad stuff in chat.

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Hi, I’m from the UA Medio Grup clan (nickname elandor)
you can safely not return to the server as

  1. my base which I built 3-4 months! The administrator simply reset and all the loot fell to the ground
    1.1 part of the loot I managed to save. built a cave t1 foundations
    1.2 the next day the whole clan was banned for 14 days and we do not have the opportunity to play on any server

Hello, fair administration
2. Now cheats work on this server
2.1 5 safes and 10 chests with loot that we had, already without loot (left only garbage)
2.2 Cheaters in the chat laugh with the administration of the fancom (even if they do it correctly) because the administration can only press those players who did online on the server and not cheats
2.3 Our neighbor was attacked yesterday by speed hackers who killed him from a distance, the administration sent a video

Proof that the administration is not going in the wrong direction.

  1. Send players to BAS for a grid around the base, without warning (no feedback) although you can send a message to players
  2. After the CORRECT ACTIONS OF THE ADMINISTRATION = we see what led - online servers from 40/40 from 17.00 to 02.00 on weekends fell to 20-22 players on weekends!
    2.1 many players have left the server.

Online at the peak reaches 15-25 players

I was banned from an official Asian server just for using a name that wasn’t obviously Asian. No chat messages were ever sent or received. No encounters with other players, noting.

I just moved on. Bummer for the 30,000 woods and 6,000 rocks I had ready to start building a base… but hey…

we had a chest of each resource
Stone \ brick \ hardened brick \ and so all kinds of resources that can be made with a pickaxe [ax

Never say anything that might wrong you.
Trolls like this often lure you out only to report you.

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and are still most times playing the game and one is even using this forum - even he got reports for racism and political symbol use in game… and guess what in game that boy said he dont understand english but in forums he talk english pretty good… but like what bothers me more, i was forced to leave server because of him but he STILL play conan … without even geting banned for verbal abuse…

this is why i am saying - there need to be one part of peoples, like we have asuras choosens, but like conan specials, who actually can admin use in servers, otherwise damn 4 months u need to listen to scums until u just leave server for good because they still playing… or zone builders ( almost week ago reported some clan that is starting to block out docks on siptah :smiley: well they just started then, now there is damn palace at that place and i need to go around… and die mostly on rhinos or tigers because safe road near water is blocked :smiley: