Banned, yes we had 50 stats / who didn't?

6000 hours on the same server. and we always have to watch as cheaters keep wiping the server.

Fighting the undermeshers was mostly possible.
To Fight against the undermeshers . u have to go undermesh to. theres no other way

but then the 50 stats exploiter came and we had no chance to face them.
so we decided to hit them with their own weapons.

I reported these cheaters to funcom weeks ago
and you all know that until funcom reacts the servers are dead, so we decided to use this exploit as well against the 50 stats exploiters.

Funcom doesn’t care that the servers are wiped by cheaters or it just always takes a long time for Funcom to react.

So what possibilities are there to defend against cheaters, none except to hit them with their own weapons.

I don’t want to complain about the spell
one does not justify the other.

How many of you are also affected


When cheaters cheat, it doesn’t mean you can cheat too without being punished.

For example when someone steals from you in real life it doesn’t mean you can steal too.

Hacks and Exploits

The use and abuse of hacks and exploits on official servers is not tolerated.

Hacks are uses and abuses of third-party programs that inject code and modify aspects of the game to provide unfair advantage against other players. For instance: super speed, hitbox detection, wallhacks and server DDoS.

Exploits are uses and abuses of game mechanics to obtain an unfair advantage over other players including creating a detrimental play experience. For instance, item duplication, stashing of materials under the world terrain (undermesh), crashing servers or other player’s clients, accessing forbidden areas of the game and abuses of the building system of the game to negatively impact server and client performance.


that’s true but we don’t need people who repeat the rules.

Many of you know that if you build something for months and it is destroyed by cheaters without being able to defend yourself, it sucks.

i don’t want to approve of our behavior. but we had no choice but to hit them with their own weapons

I would have liked the funcom to react, but nothing happened for weeks

I know how you feel but sadly this is the way it is :confused:

here u can see how often i reported in the last 3 month

I can definitely understand Kyra2.

I feel the same. I made the 50 points, but only to keep up with the others.

Funcom doesn’t have to ban people right away. It would have been better to fix the errors and simply reset the points.
sad greetings

it wasn’t about gaining an advantage, it was just about a balanced relationship

Funcom wasting so much time on making new stuff, but not time in things that are much important for players.
But yeah , maby its time to find a new Game with better support against cheaters/Bugs/Exploits

I know the feeling of fight an unfair war against cheaters. I’ve never done any glitch, I just report and wait for something to happen, but sometimes it just doesn’t. I took a time off conan to relax, I was so stressed and depressed about all those cheaters and glitchers abusing that I was about to explode.

I really hope they find a fix soon. And I wish they dont go too hard on you, even if it’s impossible to know if you’re being truthfull, I know some cases of people getting 50 stats just to fight a fair war.

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What I see, is a person that did a mistake and have the b… s to admit it. I saw, no insults, no cries, no yelling. A simple testimony of a person who seeks justice. I will have to apologize once again for my poor English, but all I say is what I understand reading this post. Though I totally agree with @prologue1337, totally, you give me impression of a fantastic character who decided to rebel against the cheaters but fall in to their trap. So because you, are you, I would love to reach my hand and get you out of it and I feel really sad that I can’t. I really wish though, really.
I told you before that hackers lead you and your friends to their trap. They give through YouTube all the ways that you can cheat in this game and ofcurce the mindless YouTubers let it leak. Hackers are brilliant minds but with great issues, disaster is their happiness, their hobby. However what you will never see in YouTube is their escape root :wink:. The names that you see belong to real accounts but it is not them playing the game. So if one day an email arrived to you saying that you’re banned from a game you never played in your life, your thoughts will go that this is an advertising trick. I am telling you because my son and I never played call of duty in pc and we received a mail saying that we were banned :joy::joy::joy::joy:.
Ofcurce the reasons you should never cheat is because you play against the rules of the game. Every cheater of the game is not acceptable even if the cause (for the cheater at least) is noble. Maybe you play wrong because after all you are a human being with feelings, but I see that you are a noble person too. So I will beg Funcom to reconsider your case. Thank you.

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Play on private servers where cheaters get banned.

Sorry, but offical servers are a shitshow.

To appeal a ban, please follow the procedures listed in our server rules.

However, please be aware that in this case, it seems your account has been involved in running exploits, similar to other accounts that have also received suspensions.

The best way to not receive a suspension generally is to not use exploits.
Thanks for your understanding.