Barb OS Weapons?

Are the 1-handed Onslaught Barb weapons worth getting? The stats to me just don’t look that good. Just wondering if I’m missing something.

Do you have T6 weapons? Then no.
Do you plan on getting T6 weapons in the near future? Also no.
Are you not raiding T6, and not planning on getting them? Then they are worth it.

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Thanks for the reply. Odds are it would be quite a long time before I get T6 weapons. My Barb is just an alt, and I have others that are higher priority yet to get into T6.

Outside of T6 weapons, is there another weapon combo that works better? Like, say, using one of the OS weapons in one hand, and one of the T4 weapons (just as an example) in the other? Or is both OS weapons the way to go?

OS main hand + erlik t3,5 in off hand or t3 crafted 1h blunt in off hand are good combos.

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Cool, ty.

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