Base defense tools

I had an idea while in the volcano about how people want more defensive upgrades for the more passive defense styles or just needing more base defenses. What if we could use obsidian for adding new structures. Instead of it being highly spammable like t3 etc… it could either have a hard cap of say that you could place on official servers or make it so exspensive like 1000 obsidian or like 100 compositie obsidian in some different recipe that would just make it really difficult to use. Also you could only be allowed to make walls ceiling fences etc… but just no foundations so it would be used as a sort of main core rather than the shell of a base. Obsidian isn’t used for much other than tools and weapons and no one seems to use it that much I think it would incentivise people to use the forge more and there would be a lot more pvp around the area kind of like dead mounds. It would give people that like to spend a lot of time base building a good end game goal. I also thought it could have some resistence to lightning storm as you wouldn’t have many that could be placed. So lightning storm could either just not target the obsidian structures, do reduced damage, or since it would have more health I was thinking 100-150k for a ceiling or wall then it would be harder for LS to destroy it one hit and you would be to prottecc key chest from LS spam. As someone that has never done pvp and only base builds I would love to see this even if it was extremely difficult to make.

And with obsidian being a relatively rare resource only in the volcano and sparsly placed around and with an hour respawn time that could make it more balanced.

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An effective T4 building material is a little meh, but it would be cool if you could use it to craft actual defensive countermeasures.

With sorcery in the game now it might interesting to be able to craft items you could imbue with sorcery effects that only trigger under specific conditions.

They could even add new spells for specific defensive measures.

Years ago (sorry for repeat), I saw a @Wak4863 video presenting the Lemurian mod…
I want this…
But the “way” of the game does not follow this road, they want you vulnerable so you can be more “active”. The game use to provide chances of unraidable bases, now you get banned for this reason. It’s pretty obvious you ask this for pvp, I don’t think it will happen.
Yet I like tier 4 idea, long time now we ask something like it here, so I support!

I think it could be really cool to have it be limited to only walls and ceilings and it be capped at like 50 peices or something so it’s a really high level end game thing

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I would like doors and door frames, furniture, hand rails these kind of stuff :joy:. Keep dreaming fellow exile, you never know :wink:.

yeah anything other than foundations so it doesn’t feel abusable

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