Base Despawned for the Second Time

I logged in today to do my weekly Saturday morning rendering of my bases only to find my Siptah base despawned AGAIN! Last time I figure maybe I missed a week and it was sandstone so I rebuilt. This time it was a T3 building (Black Ice Reinforced) and I know I logged in last week. I log in every week, even during the holidays when the decay timers were off. Twice now I have lost everything, top tier crafting benches, resources, crafting thralls! All that work gone for the second time! My two Exiles bases which I render at the same time are both still standing and one of those is sandstone. This happened on Official server #6443 PvE -

Sorry for your loss, both tiers share the same time limit after certain amount of pieces.

On the other hand, if you only logged to render your bases, perhaps is better that way, there is no need to preserve something you are not using :^)

let others play.

Well Cyryus, that is just completely idiotic. Did it ever cross your mind that the reason I render the base is because I intend to play but can’t at this point for one reason or another? Especially since I went to the effort to rebuild it after it de-spawned the first time? Or maybe I am playing but had to take some time off? No, I expect nothing crossed your mind other than this was an opportunity to make a snarky comment.

If you play on pc ( I’m saying this cause you seem to have posted on isle of siptah and it’s only on pc yet )
then you have to know that during the holidays , the decay timmer were NOT turned off , but the timmers were DOUBLED in time !!! this means if you have not connected during the holidays you would have lost already your base after 2 weeks or 336 h !!! This also means that outside of holidays a base has a timmer of 168h , AT IT’S MAXIMUM ( outposts/bases that are not big enough may have a lower timmer than the max )

The best you can do is to press Esc , go to the event log , and tick the building box , set the distance to max , then press submit : If you have any entry in it stating , " ■■■-type-Fundation , has turned to decay state at ■■■ time " , then this means the fundation ( and all the building pieces attached to this fundation ( so your entire base ) went into decay state and therefore was vulnerable to any person walking by )

sorry for your losses :pensive:

I meant no offense and of course that’s something i understand, why else would you do that?
But, perhaps you wont do it, you just believe that your efforts must be preserved but in reality, there is no reason for them to be there, isn’t it? let them go, you can build again :^)

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