Base disappeared from official server

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: Official server 1523 PVE server
Type of issue: MISC
Server type:PVE
Region: NAM

Arena disappeared at shattered springs

This appears to be an action admin took on the server with no communication since the Arena we had at shattered springs is the last place I logged off last Friday after resetting the decay timers on all of our outlying maprooms. I log on today to reset the timers and WHAM - main base is gone. I was a large base in that we had built a roman arena type building with stadium around it - on each seating area, we had a religion and it was maxed in level. We have been playing on this server for over a year. When the changes for Siptah were released the lights along our exterior became blinding. We have added nothing new for months and months and months. In fact the last thing we had added was the stables for help when the stables were released. There is nothing in the event log. All of the maproom that I visited before returning to base at still around. There are no other clan mates that could have reset all of them but not main base. This has to be a major bug or Funcom action. I would love to know why the action was taken. I realize you will not restore the base and thus, it will be my exit from the game/server. Makes me sad that we didnt take pictures. That we are subject to arbitrary issue that destroys months of work and we have no recourse, no explanation, …kind reminds me of what was happening to us on private servers that made us goto public servers but now they are doing the same thing. Just randoming deleting your buildings.

It may not have been admin. We had similar happen to us and a few others we know of. Seems the thoughts are that it is either a bug or someone cheating with admin hack. It sucks, one reason we won’t play on official servers anymore.

I agree. It can be an admin hack. In server 1932, we have hackers who are invisible, go through walls attack you in your intact base and then loot your locked chests. Again, your base is intact (no breach whatsoever and your locked chests are still there but are emply.

You cannot do anything against cheaters and hackers.

Funcom won’t do anything against cheaters and hackers.

Note that this happened in an official PVP server. Hackers should be able to do this very thing (possibly except attack you) in a PVE server.

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so to sum this up. You can lose months to years worth of work on the official servers exactly like the private servers so we have exhausted all options here and the best recourse is to cut our losses and find another game. Makes me sad. This was my decompress. I have been fighting it through 2 years of funcom disappointments - where we can change things that Youtube videos have highlights as work arounds but cannot be bothered to fix the underlying issue until we arrive here. There is zero ability now for small clans/solo players to get through Isle of Siptah (notice that while Funcom is unwilling to solve the 1000 bugs list over the last 2 years - come on if you have been playing, you know what is on that list!) to the ability to shutdown Firesparks 1 option for solo or small clans to get T4 thralls in Siptah as an immediate release - to this. Where even on a public server where you should be safe. Where the game has not taken out your base for 2 years- Now POOF! It is gone. But stay and buy our next release! This is where I started in 2018 - where you start on a private server only to have what you have been building for the last 5 months to go poof. ANd now the official severs do the same. Sad to see you go. It was a good game with great potential but you just dont give a S(*& about your customers. You obiviusoly care about shutting down your youtubbers promotoing your game but not the hackers killing it. I hope in the next life you figure out that the people that have BOUGHT your game, that promote your game, are your best resource. Not your enemy. Peace out

Maybe your base was too huge and someone reported you for claiming spam.

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