Base Dismantled Itself

I was playing in single player mode on PS5 and built a large base. Part of it was resting on pillars, but much of it was on foundation. Everything was fine when I logged out, but when I logged back in my base was gone, and my thralls and pets were floating where my base had been. I checked the event log and it said that the most of building pieces had been dismantled by me, while the rest lost stability and disappeared.


@Jennan ,Welcome to the forum , building in solo mode for the competition i find the same issues , for some reason some walls everytime the was loging in they were breaking :woman_shrugging:t3: , or some stones keep respawn no matter if I had builded there . I can understand what you say :+1:

Ooh, been a while since that happened to me(a year maybe). Was hoping they fixed that. Same thing happened to a castle I built. A big one.

Not an uncommon occurrence amongst my friends. Sadly.

It’s been a bug that rears it’s head every few updates.

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