Base Inconsistances on loggin

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Region: NA

Almost everytime I log in I have countless inconsistances in my base, ghostly walls that act as if they are not there, falling through floor and foundations, camera ignoring walls and ceiling, natural resources showing that are no longer there, I try to interact with them and its like they are not there, no menu!

EVERY SINLE TIME I have to relog dozens of time or simply run outside render distance and come back, forcing the base to reload (mind you, I have considerable SMALL BASES). Not sure if people have warned Funcom, but EARLY ACCESS ended 4 months ago!!!

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reinstall the game astri.

and since you are it. upgrade your video drivers!

It is a bad situation to be in, my base takes a while to load up too. I login and then wait for a couple of min before moving my char, that seems to help me. In essence, just give the game time to load your base fully before interacting with anything or even moving about.

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