Getting into bases while loading in!

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug
Region: [Netherlands]

Good morning/afternoon!

So after the patch yesterday some of my clan members noticed that when spawning in there is a big risk of spawning inside the building pieces of your base which makes you have to dismantle the building piece so you can climb out. So you are basically falling through the floor when loading in.

Now the brilliant master minds in my clan figured that if this would happen in your own base you would be able to log out on top of someone else’s base and log in and be inside a base that is not yours. They have tested this with an allied clan and came to the conclusion that unfortunately this was indeed possible.

I have been with this game from the very beginning and also went through the “chinese phase” where this specific bug was also a big issue. When logging out next to a door they could walk into that base when loading back in. I am mentioning this because I think this is very similar to that bug/exploit.

We have not been able to get into a small base but bases that are very large and take a while to load in are at a very high risk here.

I know you have a lot of bug reports coming in since the patch yesterday and you guys are working very hard to fix this, however this one may need some extra attention because if others find out about this bug it will most likely cause a lot of negativity.

Also as a female I would like to vote for more pink/purple placeables and decorations and what about hairy/feather pillows! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a big fan of the huge spider bosses! ( took about 10 years off of my life when running into one)

Thanks in advance and pls message me if you have any further questions!


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Fix a bug, gain a bug. That’s how it is and how it has always been with this game. I feel bad for the Devs and worse for the players. :frowning:

What big have they fixed ? None that’s what all these problems are th3 cause 9f bandaid solutions and cover over coating. I am not supris3d they did this and I am n9t supris3d they rushed this out, and it ended up breaking the game. They do this every time, 2 days is not enough to test something. None of these bugs are new it’s just the old ones rising to the surface b3cause they were never really fixed, just buried.

I saw 1 bug fixed (the visual skin for one of the fence foundations). Other than that, they introduced at least 10 more new bugs.