Rendering of base now tkes upwards of 30 minutes

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug | Performance
Server type: PvE 1950
Region: Oceania

Both members of our clan are having serious, game breaking lag on approaching any structure.
this has happened since sunday 14/10. Where normally our bases would take between 10 - 30 seconds to load, they now take more than 30 minutes if at all.

No-one else on our server is having this kind of issue. Both pc’s totally up to date. no internet issues.

On Sunday the event log started filling with ridiculous amounts of useless data. Including data from other clans that had no relevence to us. then it stopped reporting anything. then the render issues started.
we have been at times unable to interact with anything including doors, making us prisoners in our own home. Our clan name is Thulsa’s Doom.

Please let me know what ever info or files you need as this needs to be fixed asap

I did manage to get out eventually and have taken screenshots.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug: event log
2.find lots of data that has nothing to do with us
3.port to sinkhole obelisk
4.wiat longer than 30 minutes to see even half of our base. while we get attacked by demon dogs 50 metres away.

what it should look like.

what it looks like on arrival

after half an hour.

what it should look like

after half an hour.

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This is happening to me also, loading time of whatever is around has seemed to increase to a point you just have to wait a few minutes before doing anything somewhat smoothly.

Also getting a lot more “failed to join game” messages than ever. Since the latest updates and fixes.


I have been able to get it working by not checking event log after log in.
I had been doing this by habit.

Was able to get the base to load. Mapped it away, checked event log (empty), ported back to sinkhole and nothing but a couple of floaters.

This has to be tied to event log.

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Just replied in the other thread saying the same thing before I saw this one. This is exactly what happens and it does it every single time without fail. For anyone affected by this, event log will be blank, don’t open it after logging in and you should be able to play at least. I’m thinking more and more people are going to get hit with this as time goes on due to it’s nature. Hopefully it gets sorted soon.

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That’s a really good data point. I hope that Funcom sees this. Or, at least, is already aware.

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