Base location advice

Hello, I am looking for advice. This base location is behind King’s Niche in B9, and is not a point of interest. So I don’t think its blocking any content.
If I built inside here would it be bannable or okay? Trying to find base locations I like, following on from my previous post that won’t get me banned.



The fact that you would have to worry about getting banned for innocently playing the game goes to show how absolutely ridiculous the rules are for getting banned. Bans should only come From the most egregious of actions. A WARNING should suffice for most people. But I guess thats too hard for funcom to figure out


This is at your own risk. It is considered a pathway into the highlands.

While there is no specific verbiage about pathways in the ToC I have been suspended for blocking pathway. They’d actually responded to my ticket on Zendesk for clarification with a real answer. It was my first and legitimate suspension. Would you believe it was only 3 days?

Ultimately the only way you’ll get acted on is if there are reports for that server.

Why didn’t I say that it is reports against you? You may ask. Well, there’s a little new tidbit in the ToC about that. They gather reports for a server:

And the first suspension I mentioned above? No one had reported us. It was actually a report WE made for an undermesh near our build. They’d clarified they had noticed we were blocking pathway during our report investigation.

So, proceed with caution.


Funcom need to stop being lazy and actually add build restrictions to locations that they want us to not build on.

Makes no difference in solo, we can already disable those restrictions but it would add a very visible “dont build here” in your face so we stop having to be paranoid about finding a cool place and getting banned for building there on an official server.

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But it’s a time out. About the only warning you get. And even a full ban is just from the public servers, not the game.


Yes, and why I feel like my reports just do not count.

Been saying that for a while, but this all seems an issue funcom is disinclined to address.

It would help indeed. But I wonder how they can do it without making a lot of people angry at once. How many bases still exist on that spot in the official servers, not knowing they are blocking a path? How many more spots will depop at once if they implemant those restrictions?
Most of people are against a wipe, but it will sure look like one for the players concerned, even worse than the Nemedian foundation bug.
Or maybe, they will not destroy the bases, but restrict them to add any new piece of building (which makes the spot useless and pushes people to leave on their own)? My brain cells have a hard time to understand how they would make it work.
Those restrictions are needed though.

Damn, I just can’t find a place I like and I’m currently in a banable spot; but that’s mostly down to trying to find an invulnerable side so I can survive as a solo.

There’s huge bases with 10+ players blocking pathways everywhere on this particular server, doesn’t send a great message that they’re able to do this while I’m struggling to find anything that isn’t considered even a simple pathway.

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Pretty easy honestly.
Make an announcement via launcher with a map showing the new restrictions.
Give a grace period for people to see it and evacuate.

Then implement the update and if you failed to evac your stuff, too bad.
No worse than admins suddenly deleting everything and banning you out of nowhere XD


I love it!
Well, as you can see, I have little experience in those things lol. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Your idea sounds like it would work for everyone. They should just do it

There are easy walk around from that spot so it may be fine. However what you are you gaining with that risk? That is too narrow to house the larger benches. I keep going to that spot re:evaluating it over and over and coming to the conclusion that it’s just better to build on the top of it vs the tunnel.

that is called no skill, hire someone that don’t play the game, give him a notice and this is result you will have for admin action, because if building inside a tunnel (that offer roof protection) is considering as blocking better stop to play game. and meanwhile we still struggle with you know what because you did a report,on official server…

I think all ruins should be no build zones. But you know how I feel about builds.

Note: Reports don’t get you a time out. Now you reporting a neighbor may get you bit by admin if you violate the TOS.

Now we core forum posters know we have been all over the issues with the TOS. Funcom put a little; very little, effort in A2C1 to get people to read the TOS and make it slightly less vague.

Does not solve the issue. If people are still be questioning if it’s ok to build a certain way or in a certain place, the TOS is still too vague.

ETA: If I thought my report had any weight, I’d report that build. Get some height, see a path? Yes? Then maybe don’t build there. Paths and passes in game are usually clear; note secret paths and passes.

I see a lot of contradiction in that first screenshot.

Go ahead and build in that pathway till your heart is content.
Find out the hard way whether or not you can build there.

Common sense has been thrown down the toilet.

Ya, first time is just a time out. And if you eventually get a perma ban it’s just from the public servers.

I triple dog dare you

I have a clanmate that wanted to build in one of those. I warned him, since there actually is a POI marker on it. He built to the side and above, leaving a path through the middle. I’d suggest something similar. I know it kinda ruins the idea, but that’s the most reliable way to build where you want without blocking it off.

Question is why build in a tunnel if it is not a pvp server?
Plus it’s small = you can’t put everything in there anyway

So it seems like an unnecessary risk of breaking the rules.

On the other hand, this place can be classified as a path to the highlands but at best it’s just a side road and there are 10 others around.
Worse is when someone blocks one of the main passages on the map with an impassable wall , recently on our server someone built a wall under Mek kamoses on the edge of the savannah which is one of the main routes in the game.
It soon fell apart but it’s the principle - someone comes into the game (on a free weekend i guess) , blocks the route because building is cool and for the next 10 days the rest of the server has a secured detour and support gets in touch usually after 14 days so there’s no point in writing to them

OT: This location is fine.

The purge (the old purge) can bug out if your base is in a tunnel, spawning on the indestructible roof for example. This may or may not be what you want.

ah I forgot about that , our base and outposts are “open” and fully accessible to eliminate the risk of a purge spawning inside

Don’t play on PvE-C and make a passthrough which can fit horses and you’re most likely fine.

Why not on PvE-C I hear you say? Because it can be very toxic at times and griefers abuse the report system. In normal PvE probably no one cares as long they can pass through.

But still its at your own risk building there.

We cried for that before, But I think who coded that has left the building…