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Related to the current content on testlive, changes to Sephemeru, New Asagarth and the Volcano… is it likely that bases within these areas will still be viable, or will they be deleted when the patch goes live? Are there any additional building area restrictions in the new content?

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I have base in Sep NE of waterside no problem with that spot. Have a wheel and maproom in front of the oblisk in volcano and other than normal aggro now npcs instead of snakes but is a viable spot. Havent set up around new asagarth so couldn’t say do kknow even on live now are archers placed outside NA.

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I think Sepermeru and New Asagharta shouldn’t be a problem for existing bases.
It’s mostly inside the walls, so it shouldn’t affect the are, and restrictions on buildable area.

Volcano may be more problematic. Sure some places may simply become more dangerous, but i imagine also that some spawnpoints should not be removed by buildings.
Hard to tell if we’re not sure if some npc’s will be added, moved again in the next futur anyway.
I think, volcano is really on the way to change, so futur will tell us. :wink:

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