Basegame NPC's all teleporting to 1 location

You’d really like to think so, wouldn’t you? :smiley:

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Its weird, it’s like I’m having flashbacks of Skyrim…

Pretty much this.


any update? after 8 months i finally wiped my server and was really hoping the problem was gone but it almost seems worse. >_>

is there any chance this is hitting with 2.3 today? >_> please dont let them forget about us.

LOL Nope.

And where exactly will I need to contact? Here or create a new topic? When all mods are updated and we start the server, this bug will turn on again.

We’d appreciate it if you either use this topic or reach out to us privately by sending a DM at @Community.

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Again a game breaking bug in game for weeks and weeks for many private servers just get not fixed yet again.

and it is not only modded servers that have this problem

There is a Mod for modded Servers which solves this problem until Funcom can integrate his own one

The point is that they created a debugger to help properly address this issue. Modded or not. If people have this problem, they should reach out to Funcom as requested so the necessary information can be exchanged.

Yeah…its not like they have known about it since sept 2020 or anything…give them a chance to tell you it will be fixed in a future patch or something… :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Yeah, they could’ve totally fixed it since then with their Magic Wand of Bugfixing, because it’s totally trivial and they’re just lazy :crazy_face:

I mean, I get it. It sucks when the bug that affects a certain subset of players isn’t prioritized. But fixing bugs in games can be really, really hard. The fact that they had to sit down and write specialized debugging code that can be turned on and off using a cvar should give you a hint about the difficulty of the problem.

To be honest, I’m happy to see them do things like that. Gives me hope that someday they’ll do something similar for stability propagation bugs.


Comon laugh a little lol I’m just poking fun at it all…I mean its not like they could have done the cvar thing in December or something…I am seriously going to start using that when I do repair jobs for people, I could stretch those jobs out for years! After awhile they will find their own workaround for their problem and I am off the hook. If that doesn’t work I will just tell them that its really really really hard and next time I see them I will fix it.

Now don’t take that as a bust on funcom or anyone in general…I just like poking fun at the hypocrisy of game developers these days in general…nowadays half baked hidden behind early access seems to be the norm…it is what it is but I find it amusing.

Sorry, the humor went over my head, seeing as how I work as a software dev and I’ve had a stint in game dev, too. Maybe it’s funnier if you don’t have to deal with suits changing your priorities all the time and the users being pissed at you for that :stuck_out_tongue:

No, of course they could have. After all, it’s just software, how hard can it be to do everything everyone wants, all at the same time, with a limited number of people? Why would anyone need to prioritize.

That’s totally unprofessional! What you should do is schedule all your repair jobs for all of your clients at the exact same time. Surely you can do that, right?

So you’re poking fun at the hypocrisy of game devs in general, but it’s not a bust on anyone in general? Got it! Glad we sorted that out :stuck_out_tongue:

Amen to that. Players paying to beta test the game is bad enough, but too many studios nowadays take that as an invitation to inflict pre-alpha quality on their players… :confused:

Actually I could…and I have actually had to do that…I would hire a bigger crew because when I am hired its my job to do it regardless of what hoops I need to jump through. Nothing wrong with hiring some temps to cover some ground…(you and I are possibly close to the same age so as you know the longer you live the better you get at solving problems) Also after many many years in the military I dont buy into the whole “it cant be done” thing

And my jobs aren’t scheduled by me…they are scheduled by the customer…if I have 15 people that need it done now I simply have 15 people that need it done now and I sleep less and miss a few meals…life goes on

Yeah you got me there… :rofl:

I honestly don’t know what kind of training people need to be hired on your crew, so I can’t presume to say if it’s comparable to what we’re talking about.

I do, however, know what kind of training people need to be software devs in general, and I know something about what they need to be game devs specifically. From 20+ years of experience as a software dev, I can tell you that bringing a bunch of temps to work on a complex and messy codebase they’ve never seen before is usually not a very good idea.

The amount of resources – time, effort, coaching, mentoring – you’ll need to spend to get them on board and up to date on a codebase of that age and complexity is really high. And sinking all of that cost into them only to let them go after a while is not necessarily a wise business decision.

Of course, they don’t have to be temps, but then you run into the whole rigmarole with approving reqs. The office politics around headcount can be downright depressing sometimes.

Just like there are gotchas in your profession that people outside it (like me) don’t know about and you would have to patiently explain those, there are gotchas in this kinda stuff, too.

I can’t really judge Funcom for not prioritizing this bug more than they have, because I don’t know enough details of their situation. What I can and often do judge is the way they communicate about this stuff.

But hey, they might improve that, too. I remember being one of the voices that complained incessantly about the lack of a proper ticketing system for reporting infractions of official server rules. Nag, nag, nag, until they finally adopted Zendesk. It gives me hope that they eventually might move away from pure forum-based outward-facing bug tracking. :crossed_fingers:

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Making a vanity mirror that was/is busted beyond belief, or the famous thrall feeding mechanic debacle (just to show a few examples) shouldn’t be more important than mobs getting sucked away into the ether and thralls (which are a pretty big part of the game) getting stuck on a small rock or forgetting how to fight…if I have a customer whos basement wall collapsed and a customer whos toilet wont flush (yes I get those lol) I am going start fixing the wall before the house collapses and send 1 guy over to fix the toilet…mabey my prioritys are just backwards because I sure as hell cant spell lol

Its most likely not comparable at all…My point is there really is no reason to not do a thorough job if you provide a service…improvise, adapt, overcome…with the bugs, a few months no problem …1+ years just plain wrong.

I like codemage discussions…wish all of them were as calm…mabey somethings would get worked out.

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