Bases lost on Official servers after Update

Oh, my sweet summer child.

It’s not about following the rules.

It’s about the number of reports.

If it were about following the rules, there would be some.

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It certainly does seem pretty simple, especially if you’ve never been suspended or banned yourself, and even more if you haven’t been exposed to concrete evidence of other people’s undeserved misfortune.


so this clan can get away with anything because this is from today in 1513

Till enough people report them often enough funcopm wont respond.

See that is a misconception by many, just one report is not going to get funcom to investigate. So this myth of some transient coming through servers and reporting everyone is pure crap. Now if that one person had a bunch of friends or followers reporting as well, that would get funcoms attention.

Me reporting your base is not going to get funcom to admin it. Me and a few other people can. So if you’ve gotten a time out and are blaming Bob, it takes more then Bob reporting you. It takes Bob, and Don, and Frank, and Leopold.

This is because they “gather” reports for a server.

Again, I’ll point you to gathering reports. Transients won’t report 1 build, they’ll report as many as they can until they’re bored or tired.

If I believed that actually worked I’d hand them a list of servers to visit.

I might begrudgingly concede that there have been reports of such, but if it has happened I’d suspect it to be in retaliation rather then some Joe just wanting to ruin everyone’s day.

Also shows another flaw to the system. Bob should see 5 reports by some low level, new to the server and know something is sus.

Wont argue that it’s not possible, but…

We both know what would happen with handing a list…

Retaliation and watching the world burn are both factors. Like I’ve said many times, I watched a streamer on a popular PVP server reporting each build; I’ve never exaggerated or made this up. How I figured out their twitch is because their FuncomID was the same. Sitting there laughing live while reporting all the builds. The server was devastated in the coming weeks. Took a long time to recover and regain the original population. Anyone was actioned on, it didn’t matter what the reports said.

Which is why I keep pointing out some one and their followers. Do you honestly think he was the only one over the course of the week to report everything on that server?

I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m pointing out. Gathering reports for a server means that they’ll investigate once their arbitrary number is satisfied.

It doesn’t matter that 1 clan each was reported, it matters that there are multiple reports for the same server.

Update - 4 days later- kids got wind of what happen- so they logged in to 1513 and created two new bases with T4 armourers , weaponsmith and taskmasters at both.

Then raided decayed bases nearby for even more loot!

Love this game!

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