Bases lost on Official servers after Update

That doesn’t work. The most generous person on my server is the biggest ToC violator. And he in no way thinks he’s being a dick. On the other end of that, I’m very considerate of my fellow players, I always try to build small and in empty spots. But I’m the server villain because I don’t think anyone is above the ToC.

What limitations set in stone?

You mean the minority of players?

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I Just think It Will be much best if they Just use TOC in big problems like mesh , raiding in pve , huge lag , walling bases or blocking Very usefull content or If They want to stay with TOC like It now with many interpretations they shall send a warning before delete a complete base clan since They dont have capacity to rollback servers or capacity to have active gms.

Ark have a SMALL TOC compared to Conan and dont have It problems with building and you can build in EVERY PLACE peoples shall learn How to build and people shall learn to stop looking your neighbor and crying about It be ugly or much big.

I feel Sad for people losing your bases with no warning many of It people the innocents do not know why They lose the base maybe Because They blocked a hide chest or hide lorestone , maybe Because They moved the base to other place and forget to Destroy They Foundation in underground or maybe Because They build a bridge to Cross the lava in Volcano and forget It here.

A warning from funcom or changing the rules to people understand It is the best and only way to make things clear and to community LEARN How to act.

But won’t say “when” the database is accessed. Xevyr mentioned awhile back that a 5 minute lapse totally makes sense, I agree. But is it a day, week, month? Is it based on when the report was received?

What about players that didn’t understand or read the ToC and then adjust accordingly in between a report and action? Is that taken into consideration? There are players that are warned and realize that is probably true and adjust.

It’s a common misconception that the reviewers logged in and looked. Insasmuch as it has been argued as such. This means that the years of players suggesting it was largely a push of a button was kinda true.

Well you know based on our years of debate what I think about it in general XD

But yes, no one truly knows what it means now, but perhaps truly ever?

As did I once upon a time. I was one of “those” that thought informing players was the right thing to do. Boy did that ever become an exercise in futility, not because they MIGHT have done anything wrong or not or they were combative, but because MY interpretation wasn’t necessarily correct.

Regarding getting the information for a suspension/ban:

They used to give detailed explanations in 2021.
In 2022 they switched to view in the in-game suspension/ban message (which was broken most of the time).
In 2023 and 2024 they tell you they can’t disclose the details.

This is telling about their own internal policies. It’s like a switchboard move a peg here, move a peg there.

Then add in the world boss blocking fiasco and like you’ve pointed out with the fence stacking.

I could also add some more things but perhaps not the place to do so :slight_smile:


Way to take a snippet of my question and completely go way out of context.

Early on, in EA and after launch, PvP was far more popular. Now, not so much. The tides have turned. That’s why I said to ask PvPers from all the Conan has been around and not current ones. As someone who doesnt play PvP you wouldn’t understand the importance of the brimstone lake. And that’s ok, it’s good to have people of all playtypes in a conversation to see all sides of the issues.

No, one earns that title from reporting everything they see, disrupting a friendly and peaceful server.

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In your quite biased opinion.


I know, and I agree people should be disabused of that misconception. But it’s another popular misconception that Funcom reviewers act solely on the report without checking anything. I didn’t want people to take your words as the confirmation of that misconception.

None of us know, but I’m not sure the database inspection approach is necessarily worse than logging in. When looking at the database, you can actually get a better picture over time by grabbing not only the latest database, but previous backups too – if you feel like it’s warranted – and check the differences.

Again, great questions. I wish we had some answers. I wish they communicated better and were more transparent with their enforcement. I wish they issued warnings instead of just handing out the wipes, suspensions, and bans.

I could go on wishing, but you know what they say: wish in one hand, do something unsanitary in the other, put them together, and see which comes true :wink:

Yeah, that sucked. I used to do that, too. I even used to point out their own words, occasionally, only to be proven wrong much later when they finally got around to the minor details of coming clean about their policy changes :confused:


Yes. Just like in your opinion you’re doing the world a favour by reporting stuff.


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Completely believe they’re checking something. Mass reporting was a thing for a reason… I’ll leave it at that.

God that completely upended my already shaky foundations… The boss spawn fiasco made me so embarrassed, while at the time was an infraction, still was a big decision for me to make to report a clan :frowning:

I hadn’t reported anyone since 2021 other than hackers/exploiters but cemented my decision not to report land claim violations for any reason regardless of how much I felt I was impacted. I was not going to feed into this stupidly flawed system that truly only served to reduce population on Officials instead of help. Just as I wanted it, like you, in the first damn place.


Nice how they changed that but didn’t inform any one till it was brought up on the forum.

I gave up reporting when I felt my conspiracy theory verified.


Wasn’t the first time they did that, either.

I keep bringing up fence foundation stacking, because I used to have hot discussions about whether that’s building abuse or not. Then they weighed in officially and said it was not, and I had to shrug and accept it.

Fast-forward and they’re banning people left and right, and everyone’s convinced that’s why, except that it can’t be, right? Because I’ve kept the receipt and I keep pointing people to the post where they said it. And I keep pointing that out right up to the point where they decide to post “yeah, no, it’s an exploit” and I’m left there looking like more of an idiot than usual.

The icing on the cake was when they decided to completely remove the building technique because they just couldn’t deal with the constant infractions, so now legit PVE builders who would use that technique sparingly for aesthetic purposes had to pay the price for Funcom’s inability to properly moderate their own servers.

Yeah, I’m still salty about that whole thing.



Because I have never seen anything that would support this speculation.

Observation of multiple occurrences over years playing on officials.

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Have agree with Phil here, while there’s nothing Official to confirm it, they do make mistakes and I have seen it myself.


I have seen no instances. I do recall code SNAFUs with the POI interaction that deleted bases.

@Kikigirl , I will defer to your experience as you have proven to be a staid and reliable source.


I gotta give Phil credit here though. These accusations are sometimes hard to bring up as they seem like conspiracy theories. Makes us look like a bunch of tin foil hat enthusiasts.

But I think we’re all pretty used to the gaslighting from Funcom and apologetics now.


There is a specific category on the help desk site for Ban Appeals.

(EDIT: Upload showing where)

Yup. A suspension is different than a ban. In the ToC it specifically states that suspensions are not open to appeal.

Talk about confusing huh?


I don’t think I’ll ever have to find out the difference – following the rules seems pretty simple. At any rate, seems this thread is done, so.

Maybe simple to you :slight_smile:

But not to the rest of us that thought it was simple once upon a time and got burned.

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You’d think that but no. With the vagueness of the rules, and funcoms flip flops, either people are unsure or seeing how far they can push it.
And even when you report a build that is a clear violation; see pinned examples, that is no reason to believe funcom will ever investigate.

What people don’t seem to realize is it takes a few reports over a short period of time to get funcom to investigate. If they don’t get X amount of reports in X amount of time they wont even look.

You can try to blame it on one transient reporter, but it doesn’t work that way. Some one and some friends or followers on the other hand.

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